VIDEO: Ukrainian militaries use «HAMAS» methods against civilians: AMBULENCE CARS for military purposes

In the video “the Battalion “Donbass” holds positions on the posts of Lugansk region” is clearly visible fully armed and equipped military moving throughout the territory of combat actions on the ambulance with Red Crosses. The use of ambulances for military purposes was one of the main accusations of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas during the operation ‘Cast Lead’ in the Gaza Strip in 2008. Today Ukrainian punishers have adopted…


Georgian General: about 100 Georgia citizens are fighting on the side of Ukraine

About a hundred Georgian militaries are fighting on the side of the Ukrainian Security Forces, said General Georgiy Kalandadze during the live broadcast from Kiev. “The number of Georgia citizens is constantly changing, but in general about a hundred Georgian militaries take part in the combat actions,” – said Kalandadze in the interview to the TV company “Rustavi 2” on Tuesday night. Earlier Georgian Minister of Justice Thea Tsulukiani stated…