Ukrainian troops today captured Shirokino village near Mariupol. The press officer of the so-called  “M” sector (Mariupol) Alexander Kindsfater said about it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.Soldier of the armed forces of Ukraine said that the Ukrainian troops had to go to the village, after the militia had left it completely. “Yes, a few days ago militias  left their part of village. Our troops took this town under control,” said Kindsfater….


Ukraine to Attack Crimea?

In the Crimea the threat of sabotage from the side of Ukrainian nationalists and punishes has increased. “It is necessary to complete the creation of the antiterrorist commissions in the municipal structures,” said Nikolai Patrushev during a visiting session of the Russian Security Council. — This is especially important in the context of the increasing threat of terrorist activity of punishers and nationalist organizations of Ukraine”. During a visiting session of the Security…


Kiev’s troops violated ceasefire 46 times in the DPR territory

On April 17, Kiev’s troops violated ceasefire 46 times in the DPR territory. Thus, Ukrainian forces continue to violate the Minsk agreements, shelled settlements Spartak, Shirokino,Yasinovataya, Zhabichevo, Veseloye. Also under fire was Gorlovka, Donetsk airport and mine “October”. “Ukrainian forces used mostly mortar fire and tank guns,” the DPR press center reported.


Video:US hands over armored military vehicles to Poroshenko

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko passes by U.S. armored Humvees in Boryspol Airport, Kiev, Ukraine, Wednesday, March 25, 2015. The first ten U.S. armored Humvees for the Ukrainian army have arrived in Ukraine on a U.S. military cargo aircraft on Wednesday, while U.S. aid for Ukraine’s army will include 30 heavily armored Humvees and 200 other regular Humvees, as well as small drones, radios, counter-mortar radars and other equipment. The United…


The Time of «Jackals»

Ukrainian authorities gathered to solve the most «urgent» and «relevant» from the challenges of their deepest crisis country. They gathered to demolish the monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union, General Vatutin Nicolai. Vatutin was responsible for many Red Army operations in Ukraine as commander of the Southwestern front, the Voronezh front during the Battle of Kursk and the 1st Ukrainian front during the liberation of Kiev. Vatutin Elena,…


The  U.S. army recruited 100 native Ukrainians

  In the American army from October 1, 2014 have been recruited 100 of Ukrainian-speaking men and women.This information was confirmed by the source in the Pentagon. The appeal of the recruiting was provided from one of the army recruiting centers in Texas to the local Association of Americans of Ukrainian origin. However, as was noted in the press service, the vacancies for native Ukrainian speakers were almost immediately filled…


Media: To receive money from the IMF Kiev will reduce state employees, raise prices and retirement age

At the disposal of the Ukrainian media was part of the Memorandum, which was signed between the government and the International monetary Fund. According to the document to count on assistance from the IMF the Kyiv authorities will have to cut hundreds of thousands of state employees, to raise the retirement age and increase gas prices. It is reported that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the meeting…


Video: 09.02.2015. Explosion in Donetsk. Factory of chemical products

On night 09.02.2015 the powerful stroke fell on the territory of Donetsk state chemical plant. The residents of Donetsk watched a huge “mushroom” from blasts of the massive explosion. After the version about the weapon, there appeared the information about the place of fall of the projectile. This place was the Donetsk state chemical plant. Presumably experts say that the shot could be provided from the “Tochka – U” or…


 European leaders are coming to Kiev and Moscow

French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are going to Kiev and to Moscow for trying to achieve a peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbass. Firstly European leaders will visit Ukraine, where U.S. State Secretary John Kerry has already arrive, and on Friday, February 6, they will come to Moscow.


Novorossiya has made a choice: it will never be the part of Ukraine

Donbass will not be able to return to Ukraine, even if autonomy would be offered”, – says the Vice-speaker of the DPR Parliament Denis Pushilin. “After Kiev began to use American methods of warfare, after the West in fact already started to provide the Kyiv authorities with lethal weapons, it is unreal to talk about it,” he said in an interview. Denis Pushilin does not exclude the possibility and necessity of…