The choice is made

Well, the turn has come to talk about your president, as a rather vile and cunning personality. Yes, yes, it is about Petro Poroshenko, who once again with his intentions confirms the statements about him. By the proven channels, we became aware of Petro Poroshenko’s intention to retain power by sludge in case of failure in the first round of the presidential election. There is no freedom of speech, choice…

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USAID continues to fund shady organizations in Syria

Since 2011, Washington has sent more than $ 8.6 billion to implement “humanitarian programs” in Syria. Also, 900 million dollars were spent on” stabilization and non – lethal means”, but there is no addressee to receive money, and all because the UN recognizes the Syrian legitimate government, and the White house does not, because the United Nations makes “obstacles to humanitarian activities of the United States.” Trump said that he…

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What will they try to forget before the elections in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian authorities, a few days before the presidential and parliamentary elections, try to create the appearance of relative prosperity in their country. To do this, the population of the country will to protected from the flow of information from the Eastern territories of Ukraine, where the fighting is conducted. The Parliament is considering the bill No. 9068. It proposes to ban Ukrainian broadcasters from using terminology and expressions that…

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The level of education in Ukraine after leaving the USSR does not hold water

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin said that despite all expectations, with Ukraine’s withdrawal from the USSR, the quality of education in the country has deteriorated significantly. This fact was noted by the Foreign Minister of Ukraine in the column “Science and Education. Stop the degradation “in the publication of the «Ukrainskaya Pravda» newspaper. At the beginning of our independence, we all sincerely expected that the Ukrainian high school freed from…

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Georgia – advanced echelon for NATO

Georgia has been seeking to join the North Atlantic Alliance for a long time, they want to get there by any means. Even during the presidency of Eduard Shevarnadze, Washington and Tbilisi signed a Treaty allowing Americans to move freely through the territory of Georgia and use it. Now we see that on the territory of Georgia near the borders of the Russian Federation annually held joint exercises of Georgia…

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Ukraine goes to the bottom (the European course)

In 2014, the Association between the EU and Ukraine was signed on March 21. Since the signing of the contract everything went “wrong” in the country. Irreversible consequences began for the residents of Ukraine. On the one hand, people are tormented by forced nationalism, which is directly supported by the head of state. And on the other the destruction of the socio – economic well-being and a huge price increase….

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The US continue to support ISIS in Syria

There are many hotbeds of tension. The situation is complicated by the contradictions between the great powers. If Turkey and Russia were able to find a common language, the policy of Western countries is clearly contrary to the process of peaceful settlement of the conflict. By the end of 2018, the Syrian army with the support of the Iranian militia and the Russian aerospace forces liberated most of the country….

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Syria has strongly condemned the US administration’s support offered to the terrorist organizations in Syria, affirming that this support will not affect Syria’s firm stance in combating terrorism and the foreign occupation until liberating the last inch of its territory. “The US continues its flagrant support to terrorism to which Syria is exposed, in a flagrant and continued violation of the UN charter and rules of international law as well…

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President Bashar al-Assad received on Monday a joint Iraqi-Iranian military delegations that comprised Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Mohammad Hossein Bagheri and Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Armed Forces Gen. Othman Al-Ghanimi, in addition to a number of military commanders from the two countries in the presence of Maj.Gen. Ali Abdallh Ayoub, Deputy commander-in-Chief of the army and armed forces and defense Minister….

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Provocation of Ukraine with NATO support

After the incident in the Kerch Strait, which occurred on November 25, 2018, where the Kiev authorities staged another provocation involving three vessels of the Ukrainian Navy Forces, Petro Poroshenko again appealed to Western “partners” for military assistance. This time the Black sea is visited by the world-ridiculed American destroyer “Donald cook” and the German military floating base “Verra”. Recently, the black sea has received increased attention from NATO. In…

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