The force use legitimization. The US gave indulgence for aggression against Iran

US foreign policy has always been characterized by the use of force. To date, this component remains the leading means of implementing the country’s external plans. Therefore, much attention is paid to legitimizing the right of its application to the world community. The emphasis on this direction suggests that the US will not abandon the use of gross lies if the US foreign policy demands it. The US authorities have…

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Recently, Israeli intelligence minister I.Katz, continuing his series of revelations about the need for “strong friendship with Saudi Arabia” in the anti-Iranian direction, invited the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, to visit Israel. The desire of the Israeli leadership to strengthen in this way the “success” of the unexpected and largely contradictory initiative of American President D.Trump about the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv…

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According to experts, only in the last three years at least 40 thousand mercenaries from all over the world joined the ranks of ISIS. In total, in 2014-2015, the terrorist group was consisted of no less than 80,000 “militants”. And this is only on an approximate basis. It is only natural that not all of them died in bloody battles in the territory of Syria and Iraq. But active hostilities…

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New American military base in Syria – exclusive eyewitness details

“Having reached the small village of Trefavi, the convoy stopped, we were met by a dozen people in military uniform with the flags of the USA, Germany and some other countries. The terrorists began to transfer to foreign armored vehicles to continue their journey and at that moment my companion handed me an envelope with dollars and without saying goodbye he told me to return to Raccoon … ” Today…

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The news that the US defeated ISIS in Syria and Iraq only worsened the position of Donald Trump in the Middle East. Well, it’s true, that even his predecessor, Mr. Obama, lied too. But his statements sometimes provoked doubt on his adequacy. Taking into account that the United States helped terrorists to arrive to Syria. Moreover their foreign policy in the Middle East gave birth to ISIS, it’s possible that…

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Falsifying history online, or what is the difference between Trump and CNN

The falsifier is the US President Donald Trump, who said that the US achieved victory over ISIS. Comparing with his Russian counterpart, Trump was late for a week. Vladimir Putin on December 6 reported about the complete defeat of the “Islamic state” on both banks of the Euphrates river in Syria. And the owner of the White House woke up. Trump seemed to be in such a hurry that he…

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Syria: ISIS is defeated. It is promised to open the gates of hell for America

Blogger from the US, about how the Pentagon keeps its military in the liberated territories In Syria and Iraq, ISIS has been officially defeated. The UN resolution, which allowed other countries to fight against ISIS inside Syria and Iraq, no longer operates. However, the US military, despite the absence of any legal justification, wants to continue the occupation of the northeast of Syria. This attempt will fail. Kurds – the…

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The United States will try to maintain its presence in Syria

Washington is not going to drop the idea of the regime change in Syria, said Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov. According to the Deputy head of the diplomatic Department of the Russian Federation, the United States entered Syria without official invitation of Damascus and without a proper UN mandate. The only objective pursued by Washington – is to overthrow the current government of the country and to establish…

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Russia will build a new naval base

We did not have time to assess the economic effect from the beginning of the withdrawal of the military group from the Syrian Hmeimim, as we have already begun to create a full-fledged Russian naval base in Tartus. Vladimir Putin today submitted for ratification to the State Duma an agreement between the Russian Federation and Syria on expanding the presence of the Russian Navy in Tartus. A full-fledged Russian naval…

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The US is losing the battle for Syria

On November 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin held meetings with his counterparts in Syria, Egypt and Turkey. The visit of the Russian leader to the three capitals became a landmark for the Middle East and gave new grounds for recognizing the growing influence of Moscow in the region. The Washington Post, for example, believes that Putin outplayed Trump in the Middle East. The publication notes the growing authority of the…

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