At the end of April, the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios brought new data on drunkenness among the servicemen of the Ukrainian army. According to him, last year only military prosecutors, through physical visits to military units and formations, sent 630 servicemen and nearly 1,300 people by administrative order, as a result of committing administrative offenses, including drunkenness to military prisons. According to him, the command of the…

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Recently, the LPR on its official website published the materials of the report of American experts who assessed the combat readiness level of the AFU. With the results of this study, the Americans acquainted the command staff of the Ukrainian formations. According to the Americans, “there is a low level of military discipline, general and special training, as well as motivation for military service in the units of the Armed…

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Americans opened new training centers for militants of “Dzhebhat al-Nusra” in Syria

Despite the repeated statements of the heads of foreign policy and military departments of Russia, Iran and Syria that the United States are preparing militants of various terrorist organizations operating in the territory of the Arab Republic, the American side does not notice the accusations and continues to prepare illegal gangs and radical groups, which provokes new turns of bloody war in the country and delays the restoration of peaceful…

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Russian military operation in Syria: the main outcomes for three years of war

Since Russia at the request of President Bashar al-Assad intervened in the conflict in Syria, three years have passed. The most important thing that has been achieved during this time is the destruction of the “Islamic state” – the largest terrorist group in the Middle East. However, not only this was noted by the Russian military. Thanks to their direct participation, the Syrian government forces managed to regain control over…

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The armed forces of Ukraine conducted sea coast defence tactical exercises on the Azov Sea

On September 26, Ukrainian border guards and military conducted exercises on the coast of the Azov sea. This is reported by the press service of the state border service of Ukraine. During the exercises, tank units of the AFU and armored vehicles of the state border service “improved” the performance of tasks on the defense of the coast. It is noted that the sniper groups, the machine-gun crews the crews…

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How much does it cost to participate in the protest in Ukraine

Rallies and protests in Ukraine have long been no surprise. The phenomenon of mass gatherings spread throughout the territory, focusing mainly on Kiev and Galicia. Here there are the most frequent and crowded protests. As journalists found out, the Ukrainian capital has time to watch up to 8 mass meetings per day. A closer study helped to find out that to organize a rally in Kiev is a very simple…

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Inhuman attitude of the special forces of Ukraine to civilians in the Donbass region

The information appeared in the network that the Special Forces (SF) of Ukraine used poison gas by order of the Ukrainian authorities. Ukrainian authorities once again take inhuman decisions against its people to suppress the riots in the Donbass region. One of the most elite unit was used to solve the problems. A statement on this topic was made by the veteran of the SF of the armed forces Alexander…

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Ukrainian authorities has proposed to treat people by dance

Problems in health care in Ukraine can not be hidden by anything. But Ulyana Suprun continues to try to divert people’s attention from obvious problems. Now Ukrainians are invited to keep themselves in good shape and health by dancing. And it’s not a joke – Suprun told about the great benefits of such activities for health. Of course, this attempt is aimed to hide the real truth. Today, the health…

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Syria is grateful to Russia for the S-300

Moscow’s decision to supply Damascus with the S-300 system is timely, these systems are exceptionally defensive, said Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem. He noted that the complexes will perform only a defensive function “to protect the Syrian sky.” Earlier, Israel expressed dissatisfaction with the presence of the Iranian military in the territory of the Syrian Republic. “The Iranian military is on the territory of Syria legally as military advisers,” Muallem…

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S-300 arranged for Israel “non-flying weather”

Despite the active protests of Israeli politicians and the military, supplies of Russian S-300 systems began to Syria. They will protect the Syrian sky from Israeli air raids, which conducts operations without an international mandate and, often, with questionable goals. They did not bomb Hezbollah, but Assad? Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a news conference following the UN General Assembly that supplies of Russian S-300 (Favorit, according to…

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