In the province of Raqqa the discontent with the American occupation is growing. Local residents joined to fight against the Americans and their supported militants in addition to Arab tribes, who created their group, focused on the Syrian government. Until recently, resistance to occupation was mainly expressed in rallies and shelling of military bases. May 12 on the way of the American military column on the Square of the Clock…

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“Good riddance to bad rubbish”

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made two sensational statements at the Kiev forum on security. First, he suggested that “to take stock the entire legal base enclosed by Ukraine within the framework of the CIS for conformity with the national interests”. And instructed the Cabinet to start the official procedure for the country’s withdrawal from the CIS. However, this loud demarche Poroshenko, caused experts to smile amazed: Note, Ukraine, from…

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According to media reports, the AFU soldiers at the forefront in the delimi-tation zone of the border for a long time do not get food, and therefore, in order not to die of hunger, the soldiers are forced to look for other ways to obtain food. Local residents of the frontline zones report that Ukrainian military officers go to the villages and sell weapons and diesel fuel. At the same…

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The German Center for international studies conducted a sociological survey, which took place on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula. More than 2000 Crimeans took part in the survey. The Germans obviously did not expect the results. German experts were able to find out that almost 80% of Crimeans consider themselves ethnic Russians, ethnic Crimean Tatars consider themselves 12% of respondents, but only 8% of respondents consider themselves ethnic Ukrainians….

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In Kiev, May 12, a rally of settlers from Donbass was held. In Ukraine they are called “internally displaced persons” (IDPs). Refugees from the Donbass region, who chose Ukraine (some did it con-sciously, others went to relatives or friends), today are not needed this country. In 2014, Peter Poroshenko did not skimp on promises: he guaranteed people housing, work and money. Indeed, at first the settlers were provided with a…

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In 2012, the scandalous Mikhail Saakashvili created the format of the trilateral cooperation of Turkey-Azerbaijan-Georgia. Since then, ex-president of Georgia with his former homeland is connected only with his correspondence arrest, but the format invented by him exists up to this day. Within the framework of the union in 2015, the exercise “Caucasian Eagle” was held in Turkey. In 2017, the exercise was in Georgia. According to Ankara’s official statements,…

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What is Ukraine preparing for? In the direction of the Donbass the train with military equipment has passed

Ukraine redeploys additional military equipment to the Donbass region. Through Zaporozhye eastward it was a train loaded with tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, military ambulance. A video on his Facebook page was published by an eyewitness named Poryvai, who supports a military operation against the republics of Donbass. “At 12 hours 45 minutes the train on the Preobrazhensky bridge came from the island of Hortitsa to the Dnieper…

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The US is worried about the fate of the military base in Syria

A number of high-ranking officials in the US administration fear that the US military base in the area of El Tanf in southern Syria can be captured by Iranian or other pro-Asad forces, the Washington Post reported. Officials believe that the base located in the desert may be surrounded by Shiite Units. In their view, the air strikes on these forces will only further involve Washington in the Syrian conflict….

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Ukraine is thrown back on hundred years

It’s hard to believe, but for key economic and social indicators, Ukraine has retreated to the level of the countries of Africa. Statements on the subject of reforms remain empty words or lead only to the imitation of activities. It started not yesterday or after the Maidan, but 27 years ago. As a result, we see progressive chaos and demoralization, writes the author of the article, Robert Cheda, a researcher…

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In accordance with the decision taken in January by the law of Ukraine “About the state sovereignty of Ukraine on the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions,” from April 30, ATO was formally completed, and instead began Joint Force Operation (JFO). For this, P. Poroshenko put into effect the decision of the National Security and Defense Council, according to which the responsibility for what is happening in…

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