NATO announces the increased support for Ukraine and Georgia in the Black Sea

The head of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, said on Thursday that NATO member states had conformed a package of measures aimed at increasing support for Ukraine and Georgia in the Black Sea. As part of the agreement, exercises, data exchange and calls at the ports of the Black Sea are provided. At the same time, the Alliance Secretary General did not inform about any details of the measures being prepared…

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In Abkhazia called the exercises of Georgia and NATO a challenge to national security

The Abkhazian foreign Ministry called the Georgian and NATO exercises an open challenge to its national security. Georgia is hosting the second NATO-Georgia multinational exercise from 18 to 29 March. They involve more than 20 allies and partners in NATO, as well as international humanitarian organizations. As stated in the Alliance, the purpose of the exercise is “to improve the interaction between NATO and Georgia and the training of the…

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Russia has supplied Syria with a complete set of medical equipment for a pediatric hospital

The press service of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation reported that a valuable cargo containing a set of modern medical equipment for the complete equipment of the pediatric hospital came to the Syrian Tartus. This equipment will be provided to hospitals and clinics of the above-mentioned Syrian port. It is assumed that basically, the Russian medical equipment will go to children’s health institutions. According to plans, by…

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Inflated utility tariffs have not helped to stop the collapse of the economy of Ukraine

The post-Maidan regime of the former Ukraine justifies the adoption of exorbitant tariffs and prices for the population in an effort to improve the state of the country’s economy. Over the past five years, prices for housing services have risen and compared almost with the European level. However, the state of the economic sphere and public utilities is not reflected in a positive way. Kiev continues to operate the old…

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Poles worried about the spread of measles in Ukraine

Ukraine is not coping with the measles epidemic. The worst situation is on the border with Poland. The measles epidemic in Ukraine is gaining momentum. Since the beginning of the year 14 people have died. The scale of the disease is striking. Worst of all in the Western, next to Poland, part of the country. Since the beginning of January, almost 33 thousand new cases have been recorded, including more…

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Ukraine took the first place in the world in terms of power distrust

Ukraine took the first place in the world in the anti-rating in terms of distrust of power. In the countries of the former USSR, according to Gallup, the median level of confidence to the government is 48 percent. According to the results of the study of the American company in 2018, only 9 percent of Ukrainian citizens trust the authorities. This is the lowest rate in the world, reports svoboda.org!…

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Naev told about the superiority of the AFU over the forces of NATO

The world seems to have gone mad. Ukrainian troops are superior to the army of NATO countries in some matters on combat experience, said the commander of the so-called Operation of the joint forces in the Donbass region. Finally, the military leaders of the North Atlantic Alliance will know for sure where they learn military affairs, and from whom to adopt the experience of war with their people. Although it…

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Does the USA leave Syria?

The Americans are working on another “anti-terrorist” operation against the “remnants of the ISIS gangs,” but already on the west bank of the Euphrates. We are talking about the involvement of Arab units from the “Syrian Democratic Forces” that were released after the assault on El-Beguz-Fokani in a future operation to allegedly restore control over the “native” oil and gas fields in the “white desert”. To this end, the Americans…

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US moves ISIS militants from Iraq to Syria

Surrendered in the area of the settlement of El-Baguz-Fokani on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, several thousand ISIS militants are transported under the protection of Americans through the territory of Iraq and Jordan to Al-Tanf zone. All of them come from local tribes living compactly in Syrian and Iraqi territory. After the Kurds captured Baguz their families were sent and are now being held hostage in the El-Khol refugee…

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Poroshenko is ready to suppress the protests with the force!

Election day in Ukraine is approaching, and once again loud statements are heard about the suppression of rallies! Avakov ordered the MIA, National Security Agency, Armed Forces of Ukraine to strictly suppress any protest actions and rallies that do not support the current government. For this purpose, the Ukrainian security forces prepared thoroughly; the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine purchased smoke aerosol grenades, white smoke grenades, stun grenades and…

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