Президент Федерации футбола Украины (ФФУ) Григорий Суркис распустил XII конгресс ФФУ, который не смог проголосовать за повестку дня.
Суркис поставил вопрос о тайном голосовании. Его поддержали 55 делегатов, против выступили 75 человек.
Ранее участники конгресса не смогли проголосовать открытым методом.
В завершении Григорий Суркис поблагодарил делегатов "за потерянное время" и сказал, что встретиться с ними на следующем конгрессе.
Согласно регламенту следующий конгресс может состояться не ранее чем за 2 месяца.
Предварительно в повестку дня XII Конгресса ФФУ были внесены такие вопросы: об итогах работы ФФУ в 2010 году; о программе ФФУ по развитию футбола в 2011-2015 годах; отчет о финансовой деятельности ФФУ за четвертый квартал 2009 года и 9 месяцев 2010 года; об обращении профессиональных футбольных клубов относительно их вступления как коллективных членов в Федерацию футбола Украины; организационные вопросы.


For a year now a real civil war has been going on in Ukraine. Based on official data, at least 10,000 people have already died in this conflict. At the same time, nobody really knows the real numbers. Millions of Ukrainian citi-zens, fleeing from the consequences of internecine conflict, were forced to leave their country. This war has already had a negative impact on the economic po-tential of Ukraine. Over…

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According to media reports, corruption in Ukraine corrodes the country from within, especially its armed forces. The recent purchase by the Ministry of Defense of the country of a hundred new ambulances contributed signifi-cantly to the relevance of these data. However, many of these machines already broke down. They bought them from a company owned by a highly-charged official in charge of procurement for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Oleg Glad-kovsky,…

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Trump approved the Turkish military operation against the Kurds in Syria

US President Donald Trump approved the holding of a new Turkish military operation in Syria against Kurdish forces based east of the Euphrates, said Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkey “will not allow the creation of a terrorist corridor in Syria,” Erdogan said. As part of the operation, the Turkish military will search the territory of the SAR, “until the last terrorist is neutralized,” and until “free elections” are held…

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President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is experiencing clearly not the best of times. On December 27, the term of martial law declared a “guarantor” of the constitution expires. And the chances of Mr. Poroshenko’s re-election to the presidency are less and less. According to the latest sociological survey of the Kiev International Institute of Sociology, its rating is only 11.6%. In this, he is significantly inferior to actor Vladimir Zelensky…

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The US continue to support ISIS in Syria

There are many hotbeds of tension. The situation is complicated by the contradictions between the great powers. If Turkey and Russia were able to find a common language, the policy of Western countries is clearly contrary to the process of peaceful settlement of the conflict. By the end of 2018, the Syrian army with the support of the Iranian militia and the Russian aerospace forces liberated most of the country….

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After the war in Syria began to fade, Saudi Arabia send more and more weapons from Eastern Europe to Yemen. This was reported by blogger Rufus McDonald on Twitter. “Many soldiers of the army of Yemen, supported by the Saudi coalition, were rearmed with the newly purchased machine guns of 7.62 × 39 mm caliber,” he wrote in the social network. The blogger monitors weapons in the areas of armed…

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Ukraine is captured by radiation. As art to the masses, it is carried by the Chernobyl marauders, who take out radioactive metal. The exclusion zone, which is located unattended, is literally torn apart by parts. And then the sources of radioactive radiation fall almost in every Ukrainian house. Specialists note three stages of plundering of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant zone. The first in the second half of the 80’s….

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The head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Victor Mu-zhenko even mocked people in Ukraine who had no sense of humor. The General signed an order approving the instruction about the organiza-tion of the law enforcement “about the condemnation of the communist and Nazi totalitarian regimes and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols”. If some-one suddenly thought that it was a ban on Nazi symbolism…

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Pensioners in Ukraine are odd, so the authorities arranged for them the pension and medical reforms, in order to kill them faster. The analyst, publicist Roman Vasilishin told about it on air of the program “the right to vote”. According to him, the government also do everything possible to ensure young people to leave for another country. For this purpose they use war, need, the lack of prospects. “The task…

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Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman is full of optimism. On his Facebook page, he rejoices at how Ukraine can save gas: «How much Ukraine consumed gas (population, heat and energy, budget institutions): 2014 – 24 billion cubic meters; 2017 – 18 billion cubic meters. In three years, we reduced gas consumption by 6 billion cubic meters. The forecast for 2022 is 13 billion cubic meters. Ukraine can reduce consumption by…

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