Al-Jaafari: terrorism of ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and negative intervention in Syrian affairs are real obstacles in front of humanitarian work in Syria

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that the unilateral economic measures imposed on the Syrian people were behind the negative repercussions that created difficulties which impede the implementation of humanitarian plans in the country. Al-Jaafari, in a statement at UN Security Council’s session on the situation in Syria held on Thursday, added that the deterioration of humanitarian situation in some Syrian areas was because of…


SAA ambushed and seized a truckload of the US arms moved to the militants…

  The soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) stopped and seized the truck loaded with large amounts of weapons of the American and French production. Also there was ammunition in the truck. Note that the truck was moving to the western Kalamun. This territory is under the control of banned terrorist groups. The capture of the truck failed due to effective intelligence work of the SAA. Soldiers lured it…


Breakthrough of SAA in Raqqa: Tribal forces recovered Shinan from the terrorists

  Pro-government forces continue the offensive operation in Raqqa province, thus approaching the complete expulsion of terrorists from Northern Syria. As reported Tribal forces took control of the village of Shinan. At the same time the battalions of the elite divisions of special unite, “Tigers Power” freed the settlement of Hawijat Shinan. Thus, government troops came close to the Euphrates, finally defining the dividing line between the Syrian army and…


Turkey gave information about secret US bases in Syria

Turkish media published information about the secret presence of the US special forces and paratroopers on the territory controlled by the Syrian wing of the Kurdish Workers Party, which Ankara considers to be a terrorist group. In the village Sept, near Kobani, the Americans located the operations control center with shelters for hundreds of military, with aviation and vehicles. The center is used to monitor the calls of militants, coordinate…


US General acknowledged the illegality of American presence in Syria

In addition to fighting terrorism, the US military has no legitimate reason to stay in Syria. It is acknowledged by the head of the special operations command of the US General Raymond Thomas. He stressed that Russia in this respect has a much more stable position, and can have grievances to the United States. “That’s the paradox. We conduct the operation in a sovereign country — Syria. Russian, is their…


In Aleppo, Syria, earned pharmaceutical plant

A new plant for the production of medicines in Aleppo opened. The terrorists while retreating, destroyed the pharmaceutical companies and took away all the equipment and medicines. Despite the difficulties in the production recovery, now free factory supply the necessary for Syrians medicines to the net of state pharmacies. Industrial area of Aleppo. Cars, appliances, clothing – more than half of Syrian goods were produced here. Before the war there…


According to intelligence reports, the Militants prepare provocation with chemical weapons to cause US aggression against Syria

At the end of July, according to the Syrian intelligence another provocative terrorist acts with the use of toxic substances in the provinces of Aleppo, Latakia and Hama, are planned on the controlled by illegal armed groups settlements. The officer of the state security service (Mukhabarat) said about it. “With the operational activities of the intelligence services of the SAR it became known that we are not talking about a…


The ISIS base was broken into pieces because of the hit of the Russian aerospace forces in Hama: video

In the Syrian province of Hama Russian aerospace forces made air strike and destroyed a base of ISIS militants. As a result of the attack the military equipment of fighters was also destroyed. The Syrian Ministry of Defense published footage of the strike. The footage from the drone shows the time of the airstrike and its aftermath. As the result of a precise hit the terrorists pickups technique, as well…


WP: Trump closed the CIA program of Syrian opposition equipping

The head of the White House Donald Trump made the decision to stop the Central intelligence Agency in arming and military training of anti-government opposition in Syria, reports The Washington Post. According to sources, Trump took the decision to close the program in June, after a meeting with the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo and his national security adviser Herbert McMaster. The newspaper notes that the parallel program of…


Syria: the United States increase their forces near Raqqa

In the city of Raqqa the US-backed SDF continued to experience significant challenges in overcoming of the ISIS defense. Over the past few days they did not have almost any success. According to Kurdish sources, the attack on Raqqa was supported by 200 American troops who must help SDF to overcome the defense of ISIS. The operation involved a significant number of fighters of the American special operations forces who…