The fighting in the province of Deir-ez-Zor is a pretext for cleaning the ranks of ISIS

The terrorists of the ISIS group continue to resist the government troops near the city of Al Bukemal. On the border with Iraq, which is under the control of government forces, there is an active sweep of small groups of radicals. After the last major stronghold of the militants was released on November 9, General Suheil’s strike division, the militia forces and other formations of the Syrian Arab army advanced…


Yankees in Syria

Americans actively continue their parasitic activities in Syria. Tens thou-sands of local refugees starv and can not receive humanitarian aid through the fault of the United States, who illegally deployed a military base in the settle-ment of El Tanf. As reported by the Russian Center for the Reconciliation in Syria, the re-gion has the most acute humanitarian situation. The US military “under threat of destruction” banned the approaching to the…


Pentagon confirmed the evacuation of IG fighters from Syrian Raqqa

Pentagon confirmed the withdrawal from Rakka about 300 militants of the “Islamic state”. This is reported with the reference to the representative of the US-led coalition – Colonel Ryan Dillon. According to him, the terrorists left the region together with 3,5 thousand civilians in the framework of the agreement between the “Syrian Democratic ” (SDF) and the city council of Raqqa. Dillon explained that the agreement was reached with the…


“Djebhat-An-Nusra” – an abscess in the south of Syria

It is not calm again in the southern provinces of Syria. Along with the regular provocations of militants in East Ghuta, the situation in the Golan Heights begin to worsen. The main event where the media concentrated their attention was the attack of militants on the settlement of Khadar in the province of El Quneitra. But it is noteworthy that in all episodes of ceasefire violation, the Jebhat-An-Nusra group took…


US activists visit Syria to convey true picture to public opinion

Damascus, – Heading a delegation of American activists, Marcus Southworth of the Second Qumran Foundation affirmed that the only way to break through the US political agenda towards Syria is to work to change the public opinion in the United States and convey the true picture of what is happening in Syria. The delegation, which includes activists in the medical, legal, social and political fields from the US and Mexico,…


Mattis: the US will remain in Syria to support PEACE resolution of crisis

The Pentagon does not plan to leave Syria, until success in negotiations in Geneva – the statement of US Secretary of Defense James Mattis. We will not just leave now, before the start of Geneva process. This does not mean that everyone will stay there. Some troops will leave. I just say that we will think about the conditions. I have not yet made such decisions, said Mathis «We will…


Erdogan called on Russia and the US to withdraw troops from Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Russia and the United States must withdraw their troops from Syria and resolve the political crisis. “It is said that Syrian crisis cannot be solved the military way. Then let them recall their military, and the solutions to the crisis will be political,” he said. He noted that it is necessary to look for ways of holding elections in Syria together. In addition,…


Success as an alternative: why Washington loses its last allies in Syria

The day before it became known about the complete liberation of the Syrian city of Abu-Kemal in the province of Deir ez Zor from terrorist organizations and its final transition to the control of government troops. In addition to the fact that this event was a turning point in the long-term war, it will certainly act as a catalyst for cardinal changes in the alignment of forces in the region….


The Permanent Mission of Syria to the United Nations told about the US assistance to the fighters of ISIS

The US-led coalition in Syria ensured the withdrawal of ISIS militants from Rakka and Deir-ez-Zor during operations for liberation of this settlements, told the Syrian Permanent Mission to the United Nations. A letter was sent to the Secretary-General of the organization and to the President of the Security Council. “This whole spectacle with the liberation of the Rakka city was arranged after the aviation of a criminal coalition made a…


The US wanted to discuss with Russia new zones of de-escalation in Syria

At a meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, Washington would like to discuss new zones of de-escalation in Syria, said State Department spokesman Heather Nauert. Nauert said that while the meeting of the presidents was not announced, since the meeting “is not included in the official schedule.” But if the negotiations take place, then “one of the things that we would…