Turkey wants to fight Kurds by the hands of Free Syrian Army

Turkey has ostensibly spent three months training a large rebel force planning to deploy them against the People’s Protection Units (YPG), a commander of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) told. “Turkey is in the process of creating an army manned by the FSA fighters to carry out an operation against the YPG. This force will also be tasked with patrolling the security zone between Jarabulus and Idlib. This training has…

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Russian aircraft carried out 4 times more missile attacks than US-led coalition

The Russian Aerospace Forces have carried out three times more sorties delivered four times more missile and bomb attacks in Syria than the international coalition. “The comparative analysis of results of actions in Syria by Russia’s aviation and the international coalition shows that Russian Aerospace Forces, which had fewer aircraft, carried out three times more sorties and delivered four times more missile and bomb attacks”, – said Russian Defense Minister…


How US support for the Syrian Kurds will influence relations between Washington and Ankara?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan went to Washington hoping he could stop the US support for the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which are affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a group recognized by both Turkey and the United States as a terrorist organization. According to media reports, Erdogan’s White House visit consisted of a 23-minute one-on-one meeting with translators, a 20-minute press briefing in which the two presidents…


The withdrawal of militants continues from eastern and western Syrian suburbs

  Sunday saw the complete withdrawal of militants from the western Syrian city of Homs, which was the first city where the so-called opposition confronted President Assad and his government. After the sappers enter the district al-Waer it will be decided, whether the mass media representatives will be allowed to visit the last liberated district. The final eleventh stage of militant withdrawal started on Saturday with over 2,500 people leaving…


The sixth round of inter-Syrian talks in Geneva ended without breakthroughs

The sixth round of Syrian peace settlement talks has ended in Geneva without any breakthrough decisions. It lasted only four days – from May 16 through to May 19 – and was devoted to discussions of an initiative by the UN Secretary General’s special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura for a mechanism of expert consultations on constitutional and legal issues. As a result, the parties to the talks managed…


Seven-month battle for Mosul is seen to be nearing its close

According to US Joint Special Operations Command reports, elements of the Iraqi elite Counter Terrorism Service overwhelmed the Ureibi and Rifaie districts of Mosul. As Iraqi forces, backed by the US military, have pushed into those final areas of Mosul still occupied by ISIS, the brutal seven-month urban battle for the city is seen to be nearing its close. A densely populated area of narrow streets, Mosul’s Old City —…


US doesn`t want to dance to the Turkey`s tune on the issue of supporting the Syrian Kurds

The United States is unlikely to abandon the Syrian Kurds, Washington’s primary ally in the anti-Daesh campaign, despite President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s efforts to convince President Donald Trump to review the issue, political commentator Hilal Koylu told. “Erdogan has openly said that any talks with the YPG are unacceptable for Turkey. The question then is whether Trump would continue dialogue with the Syrian Kurds [despite Ankara’s opposition]. We can answer…


New provocation: The US Air Force attacked Syrian Army positions, which made major progress against ISIS

The US Air Force attacked pro-government forces in Syria after they posed a threat to pro-American forces. According to the source in the US administration, the airstrike was after the volunteer convoy, supporting the Damascus authorities, opposed the armed US –backed group. The US military struck was after the warning shots, the source said. The incident took place near the city of El Tanf in southern Syria, at the border…


Syria: The terrorists continue to kill, injure and intimidate innocent people

For the whole day, members of the terrorist group Tahrir Al Sham were terrorizing civilians in the southern Syrian province of Daraa. Earlier on Wednesday, terrorists began an assault, aimed at Syrian Army positions in Manshiyeh and Sajna districts of Daraa city. Around the same time, intense shelling of residential areas, otherwise known to be relatively safe, began. Rocket-propelled grenades and mortars were fired at Al Sahari, Sabi and Al…


One more peace initiative of Russia: The regime of de-escalation is planned to extend to all Syrian territory

Operating in four districts of the Syrian regime of de-escalation in the future is planned to extend to the rest of the country. Now in the focus of attention of the Russian Federation is the initiative that the US President D.Trump spoke at an early stage of his presidency, namely the creation of security zones or de-escalation zones in which there will be no military operations, except against terrorists who…