In Syria, the humanitarian situation is being deteriorated in the areas beyond the control of the government

Thanks to the efforts of the Syrian government, with the support of Russia in restoring of peaceful life in Syria, more than 1.5 thousand Syrian settlements were liberated from the militants of the “Islamic state”, which allowed 300 thousand refugees to return to the country. In most of the Syrian territory, which is under the control of the legitimate authorities of Syria, the process of restoring peaceful life continues. Syrian…

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Terrorists prepare a provocation in Syria

The Syrian government forces confidently cleare the country’s territory from terrorists, which pushes the latter to take decisive measures. So the military leadership of the coalition of militants “Hayat Tahrir al-sham” started active preparation of terrorist acts against government troops. The militants are deeply convinced that they are the bearers of true democracy in the form in which they represent it. And they try to build it in accordance with…

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Corrupted country – Ukraine

Over the past few years, Ukraine only does that takes money in loans from European countries, based on assistance in different areas, because everything is old and should be replaced and they need a huge amount of money to do it. So in 2018, Dnipropetrovsk region received a grant from the EU in the amount of 1.5 million euros for the repair of abandoned hostels and health facilities for “refugees”…

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Ukraine is trapped by greed and stupidity

In Ukraine, according to various estimates, 50-60% of the population is below the poverty line. This means that the country has fallen, as economists say, into the “poverty trap”. Poverty does not allow to get a good education. Poor education does not provide an opportunity to introduce advanced technologies and raise productivity. Without productivity growth of GDP per capita does not grow. So again there is no money for education….

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Ukraine – the country which revived neo-Nazism!

The main directions of development of such a state as Ukraine can be identified nothing but terrorism and neo-Nazism. The stage of origin of terrorism can be called March 19, 2015, when Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine on intelligence agencies of Ukraine”. The majority of deputies — 258 voted for the corresponding decision. The amendments of deputies Andrei Levus and Sergei…

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ALEPPO, SYRIA - FEBRUARY 22: Turkish soldiers put a wire fence around area after Turkish flag is raised on February 22, 2015 in the Esme region of Aleppo where the Tomb of Suleyman Shah will be placed. The Turkish Army launched a military operation into Syria to evacuate soldiers guarding Tomb of Suleyman Shah, exclave of Turkey situated in Karakozak village, northeast of Aleppo, Syria. Suleyman Shah was the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire. His tomb is a Turkish exclave located 30 kilometers south of the Turkey-Syria border. (Photo by Firat Yurdakul/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Turkey’s occupation of the North-Eastern Syria

Ankara has begun a new stage of military operations against Kurdish armed groups, which it considers terrorist. So far, only aviation bombs the positions of the Kurdistan Workers’ party as part of the operation «Paw». It is expected that the land phase will start in the near future in Syria. Operations of the Turkish army there will take place mainly in the area of Manbij, as well as in the…

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Russia and Syria called on the US to participate in the meeting on «Al-Rukban»

US President Donald Trump in early January promised to withdraw the US military from Syria. Three months have passed, but no progress has been made in this case. One of the problems of the presence of the military contingent of the States in the SAR is that 40,000 refugees cannot return home from the camp «Al-Rukban». It is located on the territory controlled by the United States, and the Americans,…

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Infantry fighting vehicle «Kurganets-25» was tested in Syria

Russian newest infantry fighting vehicle «Kurganets-25» not so long ago passed field tests in the Syrian Arab Republic. This is reported by various sources from among the soldiers of the Syrian army and local Pro-government activists. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and representatives of the “Kurganmashzavod” has not yet commented on this information, however, the fact of such tests has long been no surprise, since hundreds of…

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Коррупция в Украине

Chronic corruption in Ukraine Angers voters

Activists say that they have questions about corruption to all candidates for the presidential elections. Corruption is invariably among the tasks that, according to Ukrainians, should be given priority attention by the next President of the country. The current President Petro Poroshenko and political newcomer Vladimir Zelensky will meet in the second round of elections on April 21.The elections are taking place against the background of growing concerns about the…

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Serving in Ukraine is not prestigious

The recruting company started in Ukraine, byt the hopes for the success of the military leadership of the country, as usual, will remain unrealizable. Every year less and less Ukrainians reveal a desire to pay a debt to their homeland, and the entire responsibility lies with the current president, Poroshenko, and his team. It is no secret that incompetent command stands at the head of the Ukrainian army. Corruption in…

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