The West has a new reason for intervention into the Syrian conflict

At the beginning of the summer, Syrian government forces confidently hold an initiative in almost all areas where hostilities are taking place and the areas where the militants do not maintain the de-escalation order. So, during two days military aviation of the Russian Federation have successfully thwarted the attempts of ISIS to redeploy reserves in the direction of Palmyra. The terrorists acted creatively. As soon as it got dark three…


The Syrian army continues to conduct successful operations against Islamist groups

Syrian forces made series of successful operations against ISIS all over country on Thursday. In the eastern countryside of Homs province, army units targeted ISIS positions in the villages of Manoukh, Abu Taraha, Khan Al Ssera, Unq Al Hawa, Abu Al Tabbabir, Jeb Habel and Ghunaimat, east of Al Mustadira Mountains and of Jeb Al jarrah. Scores of ISIS terrorists were killed during intense air and artillery strikes, in addition…


Kill two birds with one stone: US uses ISIS to fight Syrian Arab Army

The US has not missed an opportunity to pit ISIS and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) against each other, trying to “kill two birds with one stone,” founder and director of Gnosos, Ammar Waqqaf, told. The analyst was commenting on reports that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have slowed down their advance toward Raqqa, the so-called capital of ISIS. According to him, there are two possible explanations have been…


Russia fears possible partition of Syria

Moscow remains apprehensive about the potential danger of Syria’s dismemberment and hopes that the de-escalation zones will not serve as a blueprint for any new borders. “Does the possible dismemberment of Syria arouse concern? It certainly does. We are establishing de-escalation zones now and we are afraid that these de-escalation zones may turn into a blueprint for future borders” Russian President Vladimir Putin said. He emphasized that Russia hopes these…


Any action of ISIS militants will be thwarted: Russian aviation kills 80 terrorists trying to move to Palmyra from Raqqa

Russia’s Aerospace Force has destroyed three convoys of ISIS, killing 80 militants, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told on Thursday. “During the night of May 31 to June 1, members of the Islamic State terror group made another attempt to move to the Palmyra area. Three militant convoys left Raqqa under the cover of the night and headed south using various routes, their movement was detected by Russian…


Double standards policy: New evidence of Washington support for Islamists

Last week, Amnesty International revealed that the US Department of Defense had failed to keep tabs on more than $1 billion worth of arms and other military equipment in Iraq and Kuwait. The US army did not have accurate, up-to-date records on the quantity and location” of equipment earmarked for the Iraqi army, according to a government audit dated September 2016. The military transfers were under the auspices of the…


Chaos and destructions: Damascus urges the United Nations to halt the US-led coalition airstrikes

Damascus sent letters to the UN Secretary General and the UN Security Council (UNSC), calling for the cessation of the US-led coalition airstrikes in Syria as it causes numerous deaths among civilians and violates international law. The 69-member US-led coalition is conducting airstrikes, ground-based and rocket-propelled artillery fire against ISIS terrorist group on the territory of Syria and Iraq. The strikes in Iraq are conducted in support of the Iraqi…


A deadly mistake: US-led coalition’s airstrike in Syria killed at least 20 civilians

At least 20 civilians were killed and seven more were wounded in an airstrike delivered by the US-led international coalition in the Syria province of Raqqa, SANA news agency said on Sunday citing its sources. According to SANA, the incident took place eight kilometers south of the city of Raqqa, between the settlements of Ratla and Qasara, on Saturday evening. Two of those wounded are in critical conditions. The US…


Western countries continue to shut their eyes to chemical incidents in Syria

Some Western countries continue to cynically shut their eyes to numerous outrageous incidents with the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The numerous instances of chemical weapons’ use by militants, which even in the opinion of Western media has become terrorists’ normal practice during their defense of Mosul expressly testifies to the scope of the problem of chemical terrorism in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Russia has been drawing attention for…


ISIS leader and other militants are fleeing Mosul like rats (VIDEO)

A representative of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan in Mosul, Said Mamuziny, told that the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has escaped the Iraqi city of Mosul as the fall of the city nears. According to him, Al-Baghdadi has allegedly fled to the Syrian border. Presumably he is in the area between Deir ez-Zor and the Iraqi border. Other terrorists are also fleeing the city, herewith many emirs of…