Ukrainians prefer to rest in the Russian Crimea “Resort” because of the order and better conditions. By resting there they destroy the anti-Crimean propaganda of Kiev. This was said by ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Alexei Zhuravko. The politician drew attention to the indignation of Ukrainian officials in connection with the growing tourist flow from Ukraine to the Crimea – instead of resting in the Kherson region, Ukrainians…

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Ukraine continues to amuse people. While American “Big Boss” chose the tactics of sanctions against Russia, Kiev also decided to be obliged to impose them. But they didn’t manage to come up with any ideas about economy. So, what can Ukraine’s economy oppose Russian’s? There is different atti-tude to the West sanctions against our country: someone thinks that sanctions are only beneficial for us, someone proves that they are still…

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The US administration was ready for the victory in the general elections in Turkey by Erdogan and his supporters from the Justice and Development Party, and took it calmly. However, it is noteworthy that the first who congratulated Er-dogan with his reelection were the Iranian President H. Roukhani and the Russian President V. Putin. Trump also waited almost two days before sending his congratulations – much more formal and less…

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On June 8 this year The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has agreed to attract a loan of 475 million euros to purchase 55 helicopters from the French company Airbus Helicopters, which are planned to be delivered to the National Police, the State Emergency Service, the Border Guard Service and the National Guard. The law, which was lobbied by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, passed through the parliament with…

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The news about which you can only say “the first step is the hardest “. In any case, this news seems to have brought a lot of unpleasant for Panshenko. As reported by news agencies, the Ukrainian People’s Tribunal held, a meeting right on the Theater Square of Lugansk. As a result, “the president” Peter Poroshenko received life imprisonment for the committed war crimes. The highest measure. Of course, while…

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During the Second World War, Nazi Germany set up some special organizations, whose task was to export cultural property from occupied territories. One of them, “the Sonderkommando Künsberg”, operated in the Eastern front, captured all possible historical values after the fall of the major Soviet cities and immediately forwarded them to Germany. Only from Russia it exported more than one million exhibits. In the 21st century, such a phenomenon as…

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Ukrainian weapons are in use in Hodeida

According to UN observers, the armed conflict in Yemen is the “worst humanitarian crisis” of the century. Saudi Arabia and its allies have been attacked the Husit rebels since 2015. They overthrewed President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, elected on no alternative basis. The rebels attacked Riyadh in response. They purchased these weapons in Ukraine. According to the latest monitoring reports of the UN special group, some samples of the upgrated heavy…

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Israel supplies weapons to terrorists in southern Syria

According to Syrian state media, large amount of Israeli mines are found in Syria. Damascus repeatedly accused Tel Aviv of aiding militants. Since the beginning of military operation in Syria the Syrian armed forces personnel has repeatedly confiscated weapons and ammunition with Hebrew inscriptions. Recently Syrian Armed Forces stopped a car packed with Israeli-made mines, mortars, missiles and hand grenades that were moving into to the area controlled by ISIL…

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Do you like fairytales?

Washington is trying again to organize an attack on Syria, creating a new fake. The Assault forces called “White Helmets” has already landed with the nec-essary equipment in the Syrian province Idlib. This was reported by locals to the staff of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation. According to the complainers, a column of six cars with the emblems of “White Helmets” was arrived on Sunday in Idlib, as well…

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Is it a disease to be a hero of the “ATO”?

The participants of so called the “ATO” (Antiterrorist Operation of Ukraine) are increasingly dying in the deep rear criminal reports report the death of regular “fighters” every month. They say the death of the majority of the “ATO” participants in the punitive operation against Donbass is caused by socio-psychological reasons. This is another kind of war including the suicides of former Tray say the death of the majority of the…

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