Self-destruction. The scale of non-combat losses of the armed forces of Ukraine hits all records Mental illnesses of society are no different from ordinary diseases and spread according to the laws of the epidemic. Therefore, post-revolutionary Ukraine, which has deputies in parliament who have not yet withdrawn from psychiatric dispensaries, is recognized by international organizations as leading in the sphere of abnormal elements per square meter. In an army that…

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Kurdish-American friendship in Syria

The Kurdish SDF forces occupied the territory of the left bank of the Euphrates and actually established control over many strategically important territories in the province of Deir ez-Zor. The situation is explosive because of different factors. The main thing is to highlight the strategic position of the region, rich in hydrocarbon reserves and comprehensive American support for Kurdish armed groups. But such a scenario, became possible only after the…

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Poll: More than 78% of Ukrainians are unhappy with Poroshenko’s work.

Extremely low indicators of the level of confidence of citizens of Ukraine to state institutions, recorded by sociologists, indicate a threat of a state-political crisis in the country, which may result in the loss of the state itself Mistrust is not just a mood, it is, if you want, a reboot of motivation, in other words – remotivation. When this occurs in small groups, it is usually a source of…

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The unilateral withdrawal of the US from the “nuclear deal” with Iran and the threat of Donald Trump to impose “the highest level of sanctions against Tehran”, voiced in early May this year, indicate that the Middle East is again on the verge of a big war. The anti-Iranian rhetoric of Trump led to the fact that a number of American allies called Iran as the main sponsor of international…

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Ukrainian crisis is good for Poland

What is useful for Poland is not always useful for Ukraine. Literally every step of Warsaw is aimed at strengthening the dependence of Kiev. The most recent example is the dispute over the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline for delivering blue fuel on the bottom of the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. And further to the EU countries. Warsaw constantly emphasizes that this gas pipeline will damage the budget of…

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Poland once again showed Ukrainians opinion about them

Polish planters will not be able to collect the entire harvest of strawberries because of the shortage of workers from Ukraine. This was reported today by the Polish Radio. The shortage, of course, is due not to the fact that the residents of the Ukraine suddenly changed their minds about making money in Europe. For a while, both sides were satisfied with the “visa-free regime” that facilitated the departure of…

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The Eastern European allies of the United States arm terrorists in Syria and Iraq

According to the report of the British organization Conflict Armament Research (CAR), for a long time, the United States and its Eastern European allies supplied large amounts of weapons to the Islamic state militants. This is evidenced by the results of the investigation conducted by the organization. The CAR special report states: 97% of weapons and 87% of ammunition are delivered to the Islamists in Syria and Iraq by the…

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In recent years, the United States gave so many weapons to the Syrian opposition that the latter clearly experienced an overabundance. And they decided to earn some money on this. Just the other day, CNN TV journalists found a large number of announcements on the sale of American weapons at Syrian opposition forums. This is exactly the armament that was supplied to the “moderate Syrian opposition”. The main buyers of…

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Poroshenko will not give up power

Since 2014, I write that Poroshenko can not give power without violence. Actually, this problem is not only Poroshenko. In the current Ukrainian conditions, none of the current Ukrainian politicians known to me, having become president after the February 2014 coup, could not quit peacefully. The power taken by the weapon is extremely rarely given voluntarily. Moreover, even “voluntary” surrender of power usually occurs while maintaining the potential threat of…

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US-led coalition denies use of cluster munitions in Syria

Deir-ez-Zor, told RIA Novosti with reference to coalition representative Shaun Ryan. Changing cluster munitions with air strikes the day before. According to the agency, as a result of the strike there are dead and wounded, their number is not specified. “This information is not true,” said Mr. Ryan. Cluster munitions are prohibited by the relevant convention, which has been signed by more than 100 countries. The United States, Russia and…

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