The gangs of the Islamic State terrorist group have been completely crushed with the support of our country’s armed forces in three years of hostilities in Syria. This was stated by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, speaking at the fifth meeting of defense ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and dialogue partners (“SMOA plus”). “In total, over 87,500 militants were destroyed during the operation, 1,411 settlements and more…

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The command of the Ukrainian Navy announced the return to the Sea of Azov of one of its most powerful ships, the frontier patrol Donbass. The Ukrainian information portal Tisk stated that Donbass is allegedly one of the “most powerful units” of Ukraine. He will start the service immediately after the repair. Obviously, the word “repair” is used in the context of Ukrainian realities – checking mechanisms and mandatory painting….

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The teachings “Clear Sky 2018” were designed to demonstrate to the world, and above all Russia, not only the West’s support for Kiev’s aggressive aspirations, but also the high combat capability of the remnants of Ukrainian aviation, as well as readiness for their use. However, as it is increasingly happening in post-revolutionary Ukraine, the results of the exercises turned out to be directly opposite to the expectations of Poro-Shenko and…

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The US want to create a quasi-state in the East of Syria and seize Syrian oil

Despite the fact that thanks to the actions of Russia and its allies, most of the territory of Syria was liberated from terrorists, some areas of the Arab Republic still remain under the control of militants. To achieve the complete destroy of terrorism is not yet possible, because the US try to prevent it in different ways. In the center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria yesterday they…

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What will they try to forget before the elections in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian authorities, a few months before the presidential and parliamentary elections, try to create the appearance of relative prosperity in their country. To do this, the population of the country will to protected from the flow of information from the Eastern territories of Ukraine, where the fighting is conducted. The Parliament is considering the bill No. 9068. It proposes to ban Ukrainian broadcasters from using terminology and expressions that…

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American and Israeli companions are not allowed to sleep in peace sending to Syria S-300. The plans of these demolitions of peace and tranquility in the SAR are ambitious, but the danger posed by Russian anti-aircraft missile systems prevents them from spoiling with impunity. So, Kiev “partners”, who are ready for many things for the sake of Washington, were hooked up to their dastardly plan. According to media reports, the…

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USAID continues to fund shady organizations in Syria

Since 2011, Washington has sent more than $ 8.6 billion to implement “humanitarian programs” in Syria. Also, 900 million dollars were spent on” stabilization and non – lethal means”, but there is no addressee to receive money, and all because the UN recognizes the Syrian legitimate government, and the White house does not, because the United Nations makes “obstacles to humanitarian activities of the United States.” Trump said that he…

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Ukraine celebrates another “historic victory” over Russia. The terrible explosions of shells at the warehouse in Ichnya, the story of the Tomos patriarch of Constantinople, the increase in gas prices for the Ukrainian population — all this faded into the background amidst the bravura of Kiev’s television channels from Strasbourg. Russian citizens probably did not notice this, and meanwhile Russia was allegedly defeated in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council…

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Europe is waiting for the coldest winter in the last hundred years, warn British meteorologists. Is Ukraine ready for them? After all, the country’s energy economy is, to put it mildly, in a depressing state. The two “wings” of the national energy industry – the production of electricity and heat – no longer pull their burden The deterioration of the production capacity of nuclear power plants (NPP), has already reached…

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The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan, the one who not so long ago threatened to stop all kinds of transport links with Russia, again distinguished himself, showed a “patriotic” view of interstate relations. In normal countries, after that, emergency psychiatric specialists come to this. In an interview with Gromadsk TV, he commented on the ongoing trips of Ukrainians to Russia. Now, according to the minister, the citizens of…

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