Army establishes control over al-Tibeh village, advances into al-Mayadeen neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor

Army units further advanced in al-Mayadeen city in the course of continued military operations against ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor. SANA reporter said that army units carried out intensive operations against ISIS terrorists’ hideouts in al-Mayadeen city in the southeastern countryside, establishing control over al-Tibeh village that is adjacent to the city and advancing into al-Mayadeen neighborhoods from the western part, particularly al-Baloum neighborhood, the Industrial area and al-Madajin, The…


Lured and ready to be used

Foreign special services complete the preparation of Islamic thugs and in the near future plan the redeployment of jihadists to the northeast of Syria The forces of the international coalition, led by the United States, deploy large-scale activities to train militants in Syria. The military bases of the United States, located on both sides of the Syrian-Jordanian border near the settlements of Tanfan (Syria) and Sib (Jordan), are actively used…


The crown is falling from America: More and more countries are accusing US of supporting terrorism

The leader of paramilitary group Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, said that US is using its Air Force to protect the militants of ISIS in Syria from the Syrian Armed Forces. “The United States protects ISIS in several Syria’s regions and prevents the Syrian army to end with the terrorists, by using aircraft,” said in a statement. Moreover, he added that the Syrian army and the troops loyal to Damascus should mop…


Two-faced policy: US imitates the fight against militants, creating all conditions for their actions

The claims that the Syrian government forces and the Russian Aerospace Forces are unable to completely destroy ISIS cover Washington’s true goals in Syria, where they only imitate the fight against militants. About it said the first deputy chairman of the Russian upper house’s Committee on Defense and Security, Frants Klintsevich. “It is a cover for the actions that the United States are conducting today in Syria and Iraq, where…


Defense Ministry publishes new evidence of US-led alliance’s support for terrorists in Syria

The Defense Ministry published new evidence of the involvement of the Israeli occupation and the US-led international alliance in supporting, funding, and providing weapons and ammo to terrorist organizations in Syria. In a report published on Monday, the Defense Ministry said that since the start of the war on Syria, large amounts of Western-made weapons and ammo were seized in different areas in Syria, and American-made weapons were sighted in…


Syrian operation: Russian aviation killed influential ISIS field commanders

According to the spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov, within past 24 hours, the Russian Aerospace Force destroyed in Syria 120 terrorists coming from Tajikistan, Iraq and North Caucasus, and a team of 60 foreign mercenaries. “In the strikes on Abu Kamal, the military destroyed a base and about 40 terrorists coming from Tajikistan and Iraq, as well as seven off-road vehicles with high-caliber weapons. Near the Meyadin…


US support for terrorists is the main obstacle for completing the rout of them

US support for terrorists and pandering to them rather than terrorists’ combat efficiency is the main obstacle for completing the rout of ISIS. In support of this fact it is worth highlighting several offensives against Syrian government troops. Overnight into September 28, dozens of off-road vehicles carrying about 300 ISIS militants advanced towards the town of al-Qaryatayn, Homs Governorate, from the community of Rukban. Notably, militants successfully skirted all covert…


US military use refugees as a ‘human shield’ for their base

The Rukban camp near the Jordanian border is home to at least 60,000 women and children who fled Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. The Russian Defense Ministry blamed the US military for stopping Syrian, UN and Jordanian humanitarian convoys from reaching the trapped camp residents. “Rukban refugees are de facto hostages, effectively a “human shield” for the US base. Think about it, other than by Americans such “protection” barriers are used…


Russian submarines strikes with “Kalibr” on ISIS to support the Syrian army’s offensive on Deir ez-Zor

The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s submarines Veliky Novgorod and Kolpino have delivered strikes with ten “Kalibr” cruise missiles near the town of Mayadin to support the Syrian army’s offensive on Deir ez-Zor, Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday. “The Black Sea Fleet’s submarines Veliky Novgorod and Kolpino have delivered two salvo strikes with Kalibr seaborne cruise missiles to destroy the designated targets from the Mediterranean Sea today….


Decline of terrorism: Russian MoD reported about elimination of the Jabhat al-Nusra command

According to Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, the Russian Aerospace Forces have wiped out the command of the Jabhat al-Nusra terror group, its leader is in critical condition, while 12 commanders have been killed. “On October 3, the Russian military intelligence found out the time and venue of the Jabhat al-Nusra leaders’ meeting led by the group’s leader, Abu Muhammad al-Julani. Su-34 and Su-35 planes from Russia’s aircraft alert…