Column evacuating from Debaltsevo got under fire

The column of civilians when evacuated from Debaltsevo got under artillery fire, no one was hurt. Debaltsevo in the Eastern Donetsk region is one of the most involved in the conflict between the security forces and militiamen. DPR authorities said previously that they have evidence of that Kiev was preparing provocations in the area of Debaltsevo prior to international conference in Munich – it was planned to destroy the bus…

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VIDEO:Kiev used USA and NATO shells when bombing Gorlovka Cathedral

The Ukrainian army used American shells against the civilian population, the Ministry of Defence of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) has concluded based on shells brought from Gorlovka after the recent Ukrainian Army shelling of downtown. These fragments were found at the site of the damaged Gorlovka Cathedral. According to the deputy corps commander of the DPR Defense Ministry Eduard Basurin, one of the fragments presented is part of the…

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DPR Emergencies Ministry: Kiev bombed Donetzk hospital

  The head of the DPR Emergencies Ministry Alexei Kostrubickiy told that one of the men who was killed during the bombing was standing near the hospital, the other three stood in line for humanitarian aid that was distributed near the building of hospital. According to preliminary data, 4 people were killed in hospital bombing, said the DPR Emergencies Ministry Alexei Kostrubickiy. “According to the first information that I have…

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The soldiers of the Ukrainian battalions demanded the resignation of Poroshenko and heads of law enforcement agencies

February 1, in Kiev’s Independence square was organized the “Peoples’  Assembly of soldiers-volunteers” who demanded the impeachment of the Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, as well as the imposing of martial law in the country. Those security officials who had come from the Donbass said that the troops have no funding, and they do not have enough weapons. “We encourage all the commanders to rise and begin to overthrow the government….

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Novorossiya has made a choice: it will never be the part of Ukraine

Donbass will not be able to return to Ukraine, even if autonomy would be offered”, – says the Vice-speaker of the DPR Parliament Denis Pushilin. “After Kiev began to use American methods of warfare, after the West in fact already started to provide the Kyiv authorities with lethal weapons, it is unreal to talk about it,” he said in an interview. Denis Pushilin does not exclude the possibility and necessity of…

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DPR and LPR authorities report: «WE ARE READY TO STOP THE OFFENSIVE»

DPR and LPR leaders Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitzkiy have said that the militiamen are ready to stop the offensive and to stay on the existing line of demarcation. “We don’t want blood. We are ready to stop, but only at the point we are now. We will not betray the memory of our civilians and our comrades killed in January. We are for the to peace talks. We demand…

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Large explosions were heard in the center of Donetsk, according to preliminary information, the projectiles destroyed Kyiv and Kalininsky districts. There are no precise information about the new damages and casualties yet. According to words of local residents  today is one of the most “loud” ones for the last time. Earlier it was reported that due to an emergency shutdown of the power supply the Central water site and Donetsk…

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On the night of 31.01.2015, 01.02.2015, the raiding force of the security service of Ukraine in the amount of 12 people arrived in Donetsk, dressed in the Russian armed forces uniform with the insignia of militaries of the Russian Federation. This subversive group is headed by the staff officer of the Ukraine security service Sulik Alexander Alekseevich, who was born 12.02.1970. The mission of this group is: carrying out terrorist…

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Militia and local residents have reported from Gorlovka: “Gorlovka is on fire!Ukrainians do not stop the war with the Orthodox churches and temples – they are firing at the Cathedral”. Semen Pegov reports from Gorlovka: “Gorlovka is under heavy fire. The projectile just got in the building of the Cathedral, the fire started there. Сanteen is burnt, volunteers there were feeding people for free. The information about victims is specified”….

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