Denis Pushilin: Ukraine is trying to attract the United States to the negotiations

From the Ukrainian side there are proposals to turn the Minsk talks into Geneva format and to attract United States of America. The representative of the Donetsk People’s Republic in Minsk talks Denis Pushilin has reported about it today. “We saw what happened in Mariupol. It is another attempt to accuse the militiamen presenting them in a negative light. And today there are statements for turning the Minsk talks into…

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Kiev demands to convene a meeting of the Ukraine – NATO Commission

Ukraine initiated the urgent convening of the Commission on NATO meeting because of the attacks in Mariupol. As the Deputy head of Ukraine mission to NATO for political Affairs, Mr. Egor Bozhok stated, the mission of Ukraine to NATO has activated the mechanism of crisis consultations with the Alliance in accordance to the Charter on a special partnership between Ukraine and NATO.

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The citizens of Mariupol run away from the war in Russia: at the checkpoint “Novoazovsk” and “Uspenka” are long queues

Many of the Mariupol residents which on  January 24 was shelled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to move out of the dangerous area. As consequence the long queue of those wishing to leave the war zone today has been formed on the Russian-Ukrainian border. At the checkpoint “Novoazovsk” in 55 km to the East of Mariupol the hundreds of people are passing customs control. “We would have gone…

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The militants of the “Islamic state” could have killed one of his Japanese hostages. The extremists have published a new photo

On the photo is one of the hostages – journalist Kenji Goto Jago. He holds the photo of killed Harumi Yukawa – the other hostage of terrorists. Earlier a source in one of the Syrian groups reported that both the Japanese are alive. Video with Kenji Goto Jago and Harumi Yukawa Islamists published on the Internet  January 20. The militants demanded from the Japanese authorities ransom in the amount of…

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The IG militants made a new statement about the Japanese hostages

The militants of the «Islamic state» (IG) released a new video message with threats against the two Japanese hostages after the ultimatum term was over. “The Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe continues to deceive. They do not feel pity for the two captured Japanese men. They did nothing wrong. We will fulfill what he have promised,” – say the Islamists. It is noted that the video is published on the…

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The European Union, Nationalism and the Crisis of Europe

Last week, I wrote about the crisis of Islamic radicalism and the problem of European nationalism. This week’s events give me the opportunity to address the question of European nationalism again, this time from the standpoint of the European Union and the European Central Bank, using a term that only an economist could invent: “quantitative easing.” European media has been flooded for the past week with leaks about the European…

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Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Dead

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has died, Saudi state television announced early on Friday local time. Abdullah’s designated successor is Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, his 79-year-old half-brother. Abdullah had been in poor health in recent months. Reuters reports that the king had been admitted to a Riyadh hospital in December for medical tests. The royal court announced in January that Abdullah was suffering from pneumonia. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz is believed…

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Polish politicians plan to send their troops for war in the Donbass

The main and deadly enemy for Poland is Russia, think some Polish political leaders. Poland should consider its participation of their militaries in combat actions in Ukraine to support the neighbor in the struggle against the Russian aggression, said Thursday in the interview with Polish radio station RMF FM the presidential candidate of the Poland’s largest opposition party “Zakon I spravedlivost” Andjey Duda. “Poland could provide support. We should think…

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Have the arm or leg shot off? No problem – get a memorable tag from American General

American General thanked crippled Ukrainian soldiers by giving them memorable tags. It was the commander-in-chief of the US Army in Europe General Ben Hodges. The American military, who arrived in Kyiv for providing consultations on methods of warfare, after visiting of the hospital said about the courage and talent of Ukrainian leaders and soldiers. “We were given an order to shoot at a certain point from the infantry combat vehicle,…

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