Video:DPR’s head Alexander Zakharchenko wounded in the battle

      DPR’s head Alexander Zakharchenko was wounded in the battle with Ukrainian security forces in the centre of Debaltsevo during the secure one of the central streets. Zakharchenko crossed the roadway during the intense small arms fire and was accidentally wounded in the ankle. The Security of DPR’s head provided him with the first aid, putting a bandage. Then Zakharchenko was taken to the transfer hospital, from where…

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Video:Ukrainian militaries betrayed by Poroshenko massively surrender in Debaltsevo. Ukrainians firing their own soldiers

      There is information that the Ukrainian armed forces in Debaltsevo were ordered to destroy all their equipment. This is reported by the relatives of the soldiers, who managed to get on the phone their relatives that are in the pocket now. According to them, the command and control of Ukrainian armed forces was completely lost, and the soldiers were ordered to break out of the envelopment in…

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The breakdown of talks in the Donbass (Kyiv didn’t establish contact17.02.2015)

    Militiamen 6 times tried to contact with the representatives of Kiev in order to hold scheduled for today talks about the diversion of armaments. The video conference was to be held in Debaltsevo. The representatives of DPD and LPR 6 times tried to contact to the Kiev side. The possible reason may be the lack of communication or sabotage of negotiations from the Ukrainian part. DPR’s technicians reported…

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Video: Kaspersky found out the involvement of US intelligence in massive cyber attacks

      The employees of “Kaspersky Laboratory” has found a unique way of cyberespionage through the integration of spyware in hard drives from Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other leading manufacturers. According to the study of “Kaspersky Laboratory ” these programs allowed to intercept messages from computers around the whole world. The research staff has found out the connection of hackers with the national security Agency of the USA….

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Video: ATO militaries surrendered to militiamen in Debaltsevo

      Alexandr Zakharchenko with LPR and DPR militiamen secure the town from the Ukrainian fighters, enveloped earlier in Debaltsevo. The joint work of two militia armies is an unprecedented experience in the history of the conflict in the Donbass. For the first time in this operation are operating jointly DPR and LPR militias. The process is controlled by the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko….

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Media: Canadian satellite reconnaissance will work for Ukraine

  It is reported by the Canadian daily newspaper «The Globe and Mail». It is reported that Ottawa and Kiev in the near future will make a deal on thepresenting of high-quality satellite images from Canada to Ukrainian intelligence agency. In particular this is about the «RADARSAT-2» satellite, which is capable of making high resolution images at any time of the day or night and in any weather conditions.

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THE COMMANDER OF THE ARMY OF UKRAINE “shove in your ass your award lists with soldiery and brass of the Donetsk airport, twats”

      Pushnaykov Anatoliy Savvatiyovich, Lieutenant-General. Born March 3, 1954 (60 years), township Kodima, Odessa region (Ukrainian SSR). Anatoly Pushnaykov graduated from the Kharkov higher tank command school, the Malinowskiy Military Academy of armored troops and the National Academy of defence of Ukraine. According to open sources, he served as the tank platoon commander and the tank company of the motorized rifle regiment commander, the chief of staff – deputy commander…

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The Right Sector – “gravedigger” for Poroshenko. Yarosh: we made a mistake, supporting Poroshenko at the elections!

    Yarosh: we made a mistake, supporting Poroshenko at the elections! During the Minsk negotiations the leader of the Righ Sector Jarosz started arguing against Poroshenko. It seems that Right Sector will be the “gravedigger” for the current President. Yarosh accused the Commander-in-Chief of treason, collaborationism, the surrender of the Ukrainian territories, corruption, kickbacks and other mortal sins. Moreover he threatened Poroshenko with the take-over and predicted the end…

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DNR and DPR signed two points of three (implementation of the Minsk agreements)

  The representatives of self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s republics signed the two of  three points of the schedule of implementation of the Minsk agreements, including the issue of the withdrawal of heavy weapons, –  said LPR’s head Igor Plotnitskiy. Previously on the website of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry was reported that Kiev offered Russia to sign the schedule of implementation of the Minsk agreement as revised on November 13,…

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