Ukrainian pastor made orphans starve for Ukraine

The pastor from Mariupol Gennadiy Mokhnenko initiated a hunger strike among children of the rehabilitation center “Respublika Piligrim”. The head of this center Gennadiy Mokhnenko announced the children’s hunger strike against the invasion of Russian army to Ukraine”. This post was published by Mokhnenko on the page of “Respublika Piligrim ” in Facebook. “In order to somehow help the soldiers, the defenders of Ukraine, we declare the children’s hunger strike,”…

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Mariupol deputies changed mind and now they don’t recognize Russia as aggressor, and “DPR” – as terrorists

The names of the country of the aggressor and terrorist organizations have disappeared from the adopted by the deputies solution. The deputies unanimously voted for the recognition of Russia as an aggressor, but the reference to it disappeared from the final document. January 27 the session of Mariupol city Council unanimously decided to recognize Russia as aggressor, and “DPR” and “LPR” – as terrorist organizations. In the evening of the…

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Ukraine became a pawn in the struggle of the West against Russia

In February, 2014 the power in Ukraine as a result of coup passed to small group of people who declared about the necessity to go on the western way of development, and to build the relations with the European Union. It is necessary to tell that the President Victor Yanukovych overthrown by the Ukrainian conspiracy was also ready to go on this way, but  he considered that it is necessary…

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Going to meet on the battlefield?

  Active combat operations have been resumed on Donbass. From January 10 on the entire line of contact between the militia and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are observed active artillery duels and direct engagement of opposing forces.After the failure of the idea of the next round of an international peace conference this can lead to the outbreak of the next stage of military confrontation in the Donbass. The situation in…

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The aim of the revolution in Kiev is the occupation of the Crimea by the USA

The Italian mass media, referring to the information got from the special services of the NATO countries, insist that “coup d’etat, performed in Kiev in the last February, had a specific purpose: neutralize the Russian Black Sea Fleet, located in Sevastopol, and replace it with the Fleet of the USA”. Given by the Italian mass media chronology of the special action doesn’t leave any doubt on that point. On the…

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Kiev wants negotiations again

Kiev runs through brick wall to reconvene the contact group in Minsk, which hasn’t been convened since December 24, 2014, to restore the so-called “Cease fire”. It is to be recalled that the previous round came to nothing. This is not to say that Kiev was eager to hold a new one. And also contacts of military experts ended in nothing either, and then completely unilaterally Kiev came out of…

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French campaign against the genocide in Ukraine

  The people of Paris had taped a sign of the Ukraine Embassy in France with the flag of Novorossia, and on the door handle they tied St. George ribbon. Campaign against the genocide of the Ukraine civilian population was held by the residents of the French capital, including the Russian-speaking immigrants.

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The Right sector is recruiting children in the military division

Ukrainian Volunteer corps (UVC), formed by the initiative of the nationalist movement “Right sector” are recruiting adolescents. UVC is a paramilitary union formed in 2014 to participate in the combat actions in the East of Ukraine. The reporter talked to young people who were preparing for a trip to the training camp. One of them was a sixteen-year-old Andrew. He refused to give his full name, because some members of his…

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Emergency mode in Donetsk and Lugansk regions

The decision to impose the emergency mode is made in accordance with Code of civil protection, assured the Prime Minister. The Cabinet made the decision to impose the emergency mode on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, said the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. “In accordance with the Code of civil protection of Ukraine the Cabinet took the decision to recognize emergency at the state level. The government…

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