Ukrainian forces engage fire on OSCE

Ukrainian forces continue to violate the Minsk agreements, shelled town Spartak near Donetsk airport at the time of stay there OSCE observers. Last day, DNR recorded attacks Spartak, Gorlovki and Merry from the Ukrainian position. Ukrainian forces mainly used mortars and anti-aircraft guns. Note. The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) was deployed on 21 March 2014, following a request to the OSCE by Ukraine’s government and a consensus…

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Orwell’s law by Poroshenko and VR

The law, entitled “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine concerning the protection of information of the TV and radio sphere of Ukraine” prohibits the distribution and public display of films produced by individuals and companies within the Russian Federation. In particular, it prohibit films that promote and the law enforcement agencies, armed forces and other military formations of the Russian Federation, or ones the plot of which is directly…

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Ukrainian Armed Forces prepare massive provocation in Donbass

Actions taken by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass mean that the Ukrainian government is planning a large-scale provocation. This was announced by the Deputy Commander of the Corps of the Ministry of Defense Eduard Basurin. According to him, everyday increasing of the intensity of populated areas and militiamen positions shelling, as well as activation of the raiding force and the return of heavy artillery to the lines…

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Right Sector may become a separate assault brigade

The leader of “Right Sector” Dmytro Yarosh said, – the volunteer corps “Right Sector”, that consisting of four assault battalions and one commando-type reconnaissance battalion may become a Ukraine Army separate assault brigade soon. Currently, “Right Sector” has about 10 thousand solders that keep Artemovskoye direction of Donetsk airport area, and position near the settlement Volnovaha and Shirokino.   Note. Right Sector’s political ideology has been characterized as nationalist, ultranationalist,…

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U.S. Congressmen went to Ukraine to talk up arms

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk has met with a U.S. House of Representatives delegation headed by Chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services William Thornberry.Yatseniuk discussed American support for reforms in Ukraine with the congressmen, the Cabinet’s press service reported on Tuesday. The press service also said that they paid particular attention to reinforcing energy security. March 30, the delegation of the U.S. Congressmen headed by Republican William Thornberry, Chairman…

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Video:US hands over armored military vehicles to Poroshenko

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko passes by U.S. armored Humvees in Boryspol Airport, Kiev, Ukraine, Wednesday, March 25, 2015. The first ten U.S. armored Humvees for the Ukrainian army have arrived in Ukraine on a U.S. military cargo aircraft on Wednesday, while U.S. aid for Ukraine’s army will include 30 heavily armored Humvees and 200 other regular Humvees, as well as small drones, radios, counter-mortar radars and other equipment. The United…

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Italian Volunteers Who Fight for Donbass Rebels

A popular Italian TV program Le Iene has interviewed several Italians fighting in Donbass on the rebel side Andrea Palmieri (left) says is fighting for his ideals and to prevent WWIII Andrea Palmieri was helping defend a position near the hills. In a house next to it, a woman was looking at her PC. She was laughing out loud like a little girl. Andrea wondered if the woman was crazy. No, she was watching her children’s favorite cartoon, they told him….

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Ukraine Conflict Stalls Indian AF Upgrades

NEW DELHI — India will need to explore fresh options, including direct purchase, to shore up its air transport fleet as the Ukraine conflict has stymied the upgrade of its AN-32 aircraft, an Indian Air Force official said. The last five of 40 AN-32 aircraft being upgraded in Ukraine have become “untraceable,” the official said, and the local upgrade of the remaining 64 AN-32s has halted as Ukraine engineers departed…

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Map and Overview of Ukrainians Displaced by War

The toll of the war in East Ukraine and economic disruption presented in another way. Every 25th Ukraine resident has been forced to leave their home Most stay close to home in East Ukraine or flee to Russia According to official data as reported to the UN, 600,000 Ukrainian refugees are seeking legal status in Russia; 80,000 in Belarus; and 40,000 in Poland. 1,150,000 are internally displaced on the territory controlled…

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Ukraine – In the Grip of Propaganda

In a dysfunctional and stagnant Ukraine, one sector nonetheless works extremely well – the lying oligarch-controlled media. The overthrow of Yanukovich was its greatest triumph yet Ukrainian army recruitment poster. War propaganda still inundates the country. One day, when the cacophony of lies drowning out the truth of what has happened in Ukraine since the violent Maidan power grab last year is silenced, the entire episode will furnish rich material for social…

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