In Kharkov 100 cameras installed for spying  

Yesterday the Kharkiv city Council reported that more than 100 CCTV cameras are installed throughout the city, including the main square,  the territory of Kharkiv airport, markets, bus stations, major shopping centers, cinemas and other key places of the city. The administration called the reason for installing cameras – the continuous monitoring of the local population, under the pretext of security threats to their life. The cameras also control the movement…

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Official Kyiv refused to perform the obligations following from the set of measures for implementation of the Minsk agreement, signed on 12 February 2015 and approved by a Resolution of the UN Security Council №2202 dated February 17, 2015. Paragraph 1 of the Minsk Protocol about ceasefire is not being performed. After February 15, attacks of the Ukrainian military on the Donetsk airport are becoming everyday affair, Lugansk and Gorlovka…

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Video:Odessa:right sector’s car was turned upside down, people protest against repressions and prohibition of meetings

22.03.2015 Odessa citizens protested against the repressions and prohibition of meetings. During the meeting the car of fascists from the right sector tried to ram the crowd. The attempt failed, however, the citizens turned the car upside down. SSU traditionally called everybody Putin’s agents, the Kremlin puppets, separatists and terrorists. About 30 of 60 arrested Odessa citizens were already sent to the court. The Nazis promised to continue the terror and…

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WHAT ABOUT UKRAINE? The rhetoric of Western media in relation to the conflict in Ukraine doesn’t  remain unchanged. It is changing, and for some reasons. Both  Washington and the European capitals recognize that  the current Ukrainian leadership brought to power by the West not just  lose out of control the situation but  they show a rare incompetence in government of state. However, they are ready to deceive their Western patrons…

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Ukrainian forces burning one’s bridges

March 20th. Chief People’s Militia Command Staff of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) S.Kozlov said that Ukrainian forces broke communication between the LPR and Kiev-controlled territory, blowing up Railway Bridge near the settlement Lugansk. «On March 19 around 19 pm Ukrainian forces made ​​ sabotage on the railway bridge in the Lugansk» – said Kozlov – «Ukrainian forces fired first from infantry mortar in the area of ​​the bridge about…

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90% of Ukrainian military vehicles arrived up to the border with the Donbass

Yesterday approximately at 19:00 the Ukrainian army destroyed the bridge and the checkpoint near the village Luganskaya. The militiamen positions also were under also taken under fire. All the troops of the Novorossiya were alarmed, as the situation could change for the worse in a matter of minutes. The militiamen explain that they will be forced to respond to absolutely every provocation, as Ukrainian military personnel are no longer observing Minsk…

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The Time of «Jackals»

Ukrainian authorities gathered to solve the most «urgent» and «relevant» from the challenges of their deepest crisis country. They gathered to demolish the monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union, General Vatutin Nicolai. Vatutin was responsible for many Red Army operations in Ukraine as commander of the Southwestern front, the Voronezh front during the Battle of Kursk and the 1st Ukrainian front during the liberation of Kiev. Vatutin Elena,…

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Video: “We did what we had to do”: Putin opens up Crimea reunification strategy

“We did what we had to do”: Putin opens up Crimea reunification strategy   March 18, 2015 was the first anniversary of the Crimea returning in the Russian Federation. In this day 96,77% of Crimean residents who participated in the referendum on determination of the status of the Peninsula, with the turnout of 83.1% voted for its entry into Russia. In Sevastopol, this decision was supported by 95.6% of voters…

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Video: Sevastopol Celebrates Anniversary of Crimea’ Reunification With Russia

Sevastopol Celebrates Anniversary of Crimea’ Reunification With Russia Hundreds of Sevastopol residents gathered at Nakhimov square on Monday to celebrate the first anniversary of the Crimean referendum. The 2014 referendum resulted in Crimea’s reunification with the Russian state. Sevastopol governor Sergei Menyailo attended the meeting and congratulated people on “coming back home.” The event also featured a music show and ended with festive fireworks.  

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Biden: US will start training soldiers of the national guard of Ukraine

The US Vice President Joe Biden in the process of talks with the Ukrainian President said about the decision of U.S. President Barack Obama on training for 780 Ukrainian soldiers of the national guard of Ukraine in the near future. “Joseph Biden told about the decision of the President of the United States on training for 780 Ukrainian soldiers of the national guard, which will be held in the near…

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