Ukrainian Government Approves Privatization of More than 300 State-Owned Enterprises

  The Cabinet of Ministers has approved privatization in the current year of Odesa Portside Plant, Sumykhimprom, a number of sea ports, Centrenergo and the remaining state shares in thermal generation and power companies. This is stated in the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 271 as of May 12, “On conducting a transparent and competitive privatization in 2015”, which was published in the government Web site. The resolution…

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Video:Ukrainian Nazis launched an attack on Gorlovka

After heavy overnight shelling of Gorlovka, which is situated to the North of Donetsk, Ukrainian fighters tried to disrupt militiamen defenses. This is reported by the militiamen. “Gorlovka was hit by the Ukrainian “Grads” and artillery, armored vehicles of the Ukrainian armed forces tried to break into the city. Ukrainian punishers stroke sleeping Gorlovka by missile artillery from Dzerzhinsk and Dileevka. From a mine “Uznaya” the Ukrainian artillery is providing…

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Video:Kerry, Lavrov, Putin – meeting in Sochi 12.05.2015

U.S Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov SOCHI, Russia — The United States and Russia emerged Tuesday from their most extensive, high-level talks in years vowing closer cooperation on Ukraine and Syria but unable to point to any breakthrough or new approach to bridge the major differences separating the two powers. The atmosphere was cordial and the tone was promising as U.S. Secretary of State…

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U.S. Has Given $25 Million to Ukrainian Army

Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak thanked the United States for its aid and said American political support for Ukraine was also important UKRAINE, May 9, (Interfax) – The United States has supplied the Ukrainian Armed Forces with aid worth a total of about $25 million, a Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokeswoman said on Friday. On Thursday, Ukrainian Defense Minster Stepan Poltorak and the chairman of the Energy Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, Fred…

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Video: Thousands of People Celebrate the Anniversary of DPR Referendum in Donetsk

Despite all the difficulties, bombings and provocations from the part of the Ukraine, thousands of DPR citizens celebrated the anniversary of referendum on independence of the Donbass region. According to the Ukrainian mass media, “DPR people were forces to celebrate by militaries with guns”. In the video you can see happy people, veterans and children, who are sincerely enjoying the process and no any armed militaries who would force them to…

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Poroshenko: Ukraine produces weapons for the army round the clock

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that during the truce Kiev did not cease to arm. “Ukrainian victory is produced not only at the forefront, but also in the rear by the hands of professionals which  round the clock, actually in three shifts, produce weapons for the Ukrainian army,” – said the head of state. According to him, several important areas were supplied by anti-tank complexes “Stugna“. In addition,…

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France Mulls Sinking Mistrals Rather Than Fulfilling Contract

  This article originally appeared at So, France and Russia had a deal. France was to produce a couple of state-of-the-art helicopter carriers for Russia. Russia would make some of the ships, then send them to France to be completed. The deal was signed in 2011. Money was paid ($1.25 billion). The first carrier was supposed to have been delivered in November 2014. But since then, for the past several…

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The anti-Russian ideology will be included in the history books for Ukrainian children

Pupils of 5-9 classes of secondary schools in Ukraine will be told with what difficulties the Ukrainian government have confronted in recent history. According to memorandum of the Ministry of Education, the topic “Revolution of dignity. Aggression: Russia vs. Ukraine “takes 1 hour. And the Ukrainian Insurgent Army declared by the Supreme Court of Russia as extremist groups will be fed to young citizens of Ukraine as fighting groups for independence….

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Video:Azov Freedom Fighters Murder Two Police Officers in Kiev

    During a chase, “Azov” fighters robbed a gas station and shot two policemen in Kiev. This was reported to Vesti by a source in law enforcement. The police who were killed in the shootout proved to be former members of “Berkut”. According to unconfirmed reports, they took part in the Maidan events. Video: In Kiev Desnyanskiy area gas station, Azov robbers killed policemen. Earlier, Vesti wrote that Kiev law enforcement…

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