Ukrainian Troopers Go On Murderig Civilians in Maryinka

One of the war correspondent of NAF informs from Maryinka: “Ukrainian troopers carried out a clean-up operation in the part of the town under their control on June 4th and 5th. At the moment the Northern part of Maryinka, which the locals call “Novaya Maryinka” , is under control of the DPR Army; the rest of the town is under the Ukies. The front line runs right across the town. In…

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Video:Ukrainian Cutter Lost By Kiev’s Mine in Mariupol

In December, the Ukrainian sappers mined the part of the coast of the Azov sea in the South of Donetsk region. Thus, they tried to protect the shoreline from an amphibious assault. The Ukrainian militaries went to sea on a floating conveyors for mining of the part of the Azov sea. There were seven militaries onboard. Six people were found during the rescue operation, the cutter commander was missing. Two…

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Dysfunctional Ukrainian Military

‘It operates like a slapdash Keystone cops bunch – its ranks filled with unhappy conscripts wanting no part of fighting their own people  It operates like a slapdash Keystone cops bunch – its ranks filled with unhappy conscripts wanting no part of fighting their own people. Corruption is rampant. Hundreds of millions of dollars disappear into the pockets of high-ranking military officials.  Ordinary Ukrainians suffer enormously from impoverishment, unemployment, skyrocketing inflation, unaffordable goods…

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Kiev Officially Allows Foreign Armed Forces in Ukraine

  The Ukrainian parliament has adopted amendments to state law allowing “admission of the armed forces of other states on the territory of Ukraine.” The possible hosting of foreign weapons of mass destruction is also mentioned in the documents. Amendments to Ukrainian law were adopted on Thursday by the Verkhovna Rada, receiving a majority of 240 votes (the required minimum being 226). The bill was submitted to the parliament in…

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Provocation Prepared by Ukraine to Attack Transnistria and Draw Russia into Military Conflict

A large-scale provocation in the Odessa region is prepared to create the reason for the invasion of the Ukrainian security forces in the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic. UAF began the recruitment of young outcasts for alleged “capture” of the city Kotovsk, which is 20 km far from the border with the unrecognized state. According to the scenario of the Ukrainian intelligence services, young people hired for money will have to portray…

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WikiLeaks: USA and EU cooperate against Russia and China

 The whistleblower website WikiLeaks on Wednesday leaked a set of 17 documents relating to the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), a controversial free trade pact making its way through talks between the United States and 23 other countries. According to these documents the U.S. purposefully create an organization to counter the growing influence of the BRICS on the global economy. The main participants in the TISA talks are the U.S., the…

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Videos: Kiev’s Shelling of Donbass 03.06.2015

Shelling intensified in eastern Ukraine overnight on Wednesday, with Kiev and rebels trading blame for opening fire. Local officials said 19 people, both civilians and militiamen, were killed and over a hundred injured in the bombardment. “With the onset of daylight the Ukrainian artillery carried out a large-scale shelling of settlements in the Donetsk People’s Republic almost on the entire extension of the contact line. The most violent unsighted bombardment…

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Ukraine to apply food blockade

The head of the faction “Petro Poroshenko Bloc” in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko considers it’s necessary to apply the food blockade of Donbass. He stated on June 3 in the air of the Ukrainian “Channel 24”. “Tbilisi does not feed annexed Abkhazia, Chisinau does not feed the self-proclaimed Transnistria.”, —  the press service of the party quotes the statement of Lutsenko. According to the MP, the militia Donetsk and Lugansk…

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Odessa Meeting Against Saakashvili – Red Ties Hanging All Over the City

This is wonderful: Sounding a note of dark humor, residents of Odessa, a port city in southern Ukraine and the site of recent tensions between pro-Ukrainian and Donbass elements, hung red neckties all over their town as a response to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s appointment of former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili as governor of the Odessa region. Saakashvili was the leader of the bloodless 2003 Rose Revolution that swept away pro-Russian leadership in…

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Video: WWII in figures and vividly

An animated data-driven documentary about war and peace, The Fallen of World War II looks at the human cost of the second World War and sizes up the numbers to other wars in history, including trends in recent conflicts. Visit for the interactive version and more information

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