Video: Meeting at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev: Washington, Hands Off Ukraine!

June 17, 2015 Kiev citizens gathered at the U.S. Embassy and were calling to stop the war in the Donbass. The activists of the public movement “PRAV?DA!” and simple Kiev citizens picketed the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. The main requirement of people was to withdraw American militaries and weapons from the Donbass region. According to activists, the United States support the military conflict in Ukraine from self-interest. Over a thousand…

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The Ukrainian Politician Calls to Build Concentration Camps for the Residents of the Donbass

  The head of the Ukrainian party “Bratstvo” Dmitry Korchinsky said that the militaries should act as Americans in the Second world war – to create concentration camps for civilians and to bomb the residential areas. The ex-leader of the Ukrainian nationalist party “UNA-UNSO” and the head of the party “Bratstvo” Dmitry Korchinsky stated in an interview with the Ukrainian channel 112 that the people of the Donbass must be…

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Videos: Yesterday’s shellings of Donetsk, Konstantinovka, and Gorlovka

    DONATE! Konstantinovka: punishers have been launching something (or tried to shoot something), the buzz was heard through the whole town. The windows at the apartment blocks were shaking. The explosion was very powerful. From the Kirov area, in the Kuibyshev region the smoke from the mine waste was seen. The explosion was so powerful, that the house has bulged greatly. 16.06.15. 21:07 In Donetsk there was powerful explosion….

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DPR Will Start Offensive If Ukraine Attacks Transnistria

        DONATE! DPR Foreign Minister Alexander Kofman: In case of aggravation of the situation in Transnistria, if the fighting is started again there, the DPR army will be ready to provide the support to Transnistria. We believe that such aggravation is inevitable. There are our brothers, and, of course, if they would be attacked, we’ll have to help them. I am sure that we will be able…

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Saakashvili: Ukraine Will Return to Pre-Maidan GDP Level…IN 20 YEARS

Odessa’s new grift lord — sorry, “governor” — Mikheil Saakashvili has actually said something that might be true, for once in his long, storied career as serial fraud. Yes, Saakashvili has actually come clean with the people of Odessa: Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe, and it will taketwenty years just to return to the economic productivity Ukraine had in 2013. Thanks Maidan! And thank you Mike for the much-needed straight talk.

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Kiev Massively Installs Satellites for Russian Channels

  There is a growing demand for the installation of satellite antennas in Kiev, and clients are often primarily interested in receiving Russian channels banned by the authorities in the networks of cable TV. This was reported on condition of anonymity by the Director of Kyiv-based company working on the installation of antennas. So, he has to increase the number of staff in his company than in 5 times. “Last…

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