Ukraine is preparing for international isolation

The announcement of default in Ukraine will economically isolate the country for many years, says the president of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko. Ukrainian economist notes that  the default, which occurred in Russia in 1998, shouldn’t be mistaken for the  default possible in Ukraine: Russia defaulted first, then the ruble collapsed , while in Ukraine the situation is almost the opposite. “We already defaulted  de-facto after Maidan and, as a result,  the hryvnia…

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“Electromaidan”?: Why Armenia Isn’t Ukraine

In recent days, some Armenians have been up in arms over increases in electricity tariffs by the evil Russian-owned electricity monopoly that will bring them up to… well, a level slightly higher than in Russia and about 2-3x lower than in most EU countries (don’t you love comparative context?). Discourse in both Russia and the West has now shifted to the familiar template of color revolution. Cookie girl Victoria Nuland was in…

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Goldman Sachs Predicts Solvency Crisis, Default in Ukraine as Soon as July

Goldman Sachs Group has warned that Ukraine is facing a solvency and liquidity crisis, will likely miss its bond coupon payment next month and will enter into default. “Ukraine will not make the July 24 coupon payment and, as a result, will enter into default at that point,” Bloomberg quotes Goldman Sachs analyst Andrew Matheny as writing in his research note on Ukraine. The analyst also warned that Kiev will likely issue a moratorium on its foreign…

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Britain Starts Training of Ukrainian Armed Forces “TO SAVE LIVES”

British soldiers take part in the ”Wind Spring 15” military exercises at Smardan shooting range April 21, 2015. Britain said on Wednesday it would step up its training programme for Ukraine’s armed forces. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said Britain would announce at a NATO meeting with Ukraine on Thursday plans to double spending on the training to around 6 million pounds ($9.4 million). “We are doubling up our training of…

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Provocateur from Ukraine works in Armenia

At the meeting against the increase of electricity tariffs in Yerevan detained provocateur from Ukraine. It is reported by news Agency “Novosti Armenia“. According to the Deputy chief of police Hunan Poghosyan,  detained provocateur was a citizen of Ukraine. Police asked her to leave the square. Pogosyan also said that the police will not use force, while the rally will be peaceful.

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