George Soros

George Soros’ Plan to Rescue Ukraine Isn’t Going To Work

George Soros, the billionaire investor and philanthropist known for his successful attack on the British Pound and, more recently, for his generous support of NGOs and various pro-democracy organizations throughout Eastern Europe, recently wrote an essay for the New York Review of Books. In it, he called on Europe to spend $50 billion (yes, that’s billion with a B) bailing out Ukraine. More generally, Soros argued that Europeans need to…

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Video:Pentagon prepares forces to assist Ukraine’s national guard

U.S. Sen. John McCain blasted the president’s “more of the same” strategy for Ukraine and described it as “doomed to fail.”   The Pentagon is preparing to send troops to Ukraine to train its national guard on how to operate as a professional security force. U.S. troops will begin training about 600 Ukrainian guards in western Ukraine next month, military officials said. The international coaching lesson comes just as President…

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Media: To receive money from the IMF Kiev will reduce state employees, raise prices and retirement age

At the disposal of the Ukrainian media was part of the Memorandum, which was signed between the government and the International monetary Fund. According to the document to count on assistance from the IMF the Kyiv authorities will have to cut hundreds of thousands of state employees, to raise the retirement age and increase gas prices. It is reported that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the meeting…

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Barack Obama and Angela Merkel held the press conference on the situation in Ukraine

Today in Washington there was the joint press conference of the U.S. President Barack Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel. A significant part of the communication between the two leaders with the press was devoted to the crisis in the East of Ukraine and relations between West and Russia. On the press conference of the President and the Chancellor the leaders of both countries of course tried to talk about their…

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Udo Ulfkotte says all major media networks controlled by CIA Becoming the first credentialed, well-known media insider to step forward and state publicly that he was secretly a “propagandist,” an editor of a major German daily has said that he personally planted stories for the CIA. Saying he believes a medical condition gives him only a few years to live, and that he is filled with remorse, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte,…

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ATO funding through prostitution

Experts believe that soon Ukrainian sex business will get features peculiar to this kind of entrepreneurial activity in Europe. In the classification of Ukraine activities got the escort services, dating services, marriage bureau. “Escort services, dating services, marriage bureau” – these types of legitimate business are officially included in the new national classification adopted by the State Committee of Ukraine for technical regulation and consumer policy. The European economic classification…

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Video: 09.02.2015. Explosion in Donetsk. Factory of chemical products

On night 09.02.2015 the powerful stroke fell on the territory of Donetsk state chemical plant. The residents of Donetsk watched a huge “mushroom” from blasts of the massive explosion. After the version about the weapon, there appeared the information about the place of fall of the projectile. This place was the Donetsk state chemical plant. Presumably experts say that the shot could be provided from the “Tochka – U” or…

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The Ukrainian army enveloped by the militiamen

More than 8,000 Ukrainian militaries are enveloped in Debaltsevo. The militiamen took under control the village Mikhailovka, several settlements along the route Donetsk – Gorlovka and Uglegorsk. Escape routes for 8 thousand Ukrainian military are cut. Those Ukrainians who lay down their arms the militiamen are going to release. After the complete defeat of the Ukrainian forces by the militiamen during the summer campaign, it seemed that the General staff…

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Rada legalized capital punishment of deserters in the center of Europe

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law which in particular allows the use of weapons against the deserters in cases when” it is impossible to stop their criminal acts in other way.” The document is published on the website of the Ukrainian Parliament. The authors of the bill were the participants of Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation MPs Andrey Teteruk and Yuri Bereza, and also the former head of the Ukraine…

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