The Assistant to the Ukrainian Defense Minister Defected to Rebels

Introduced himself as Major General Aleksandr Kolomiyets – the chief analyst of the Ukrainian armed forces and assistant to the Ukrainian defense minister Says morale in Ukraine military is low and to have switched for moral reasons A man claiming to be a Ukrainian major general and former assistant to the country’s defense minister has announced he is now working with the forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. “I am Ukrainian Armed…

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Ukrainians Have Had Enough: ‘In Kiev, One Gang Was Replaced With Another’

Ukrainians are quickly losing patience with Poroshenko The mood in Kiev continues to sour,according to a story in The New Statesman. Although the article’s teaser insists that there’s “hope for the future on the streets of Ukraine’s capital,” if you actually read the piece, you’ll find that the majority of Ukrainians quoted think their country is headed in the wrong direction. Examples: Evdokiya, who is in her eighties, struggles to make ends meet…

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U.S. Senate has Approved Law on $300 Million Military Assistance to Ukraine

The Senate approved the bill on military assistance to Ukraine. It is said at the U.S. Senate official website. The Committee on the Armed Forces of the United States Senate has approved a bill to amend the military budget, according to which the United States may allocate $ 300 million in military assistance to Ukraine. “As for Ukraine, the bill authorizes (the US government – Ed.) to allocate $ 300 million…

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Video: Meeting at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev: Washington, Hands Off Ukraine!

June 17, 2015 Kiev citizens gathered at the U.S. Embassy and were calling to stop the war in the Donbass. The activists of the public movement “PRAV?DA!” and simple Kiev citizens picketed the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. The main requirement of people was to withdraw American militaries and weapons from the Donbass region. According to activists, the United States support the military conflict in Ukraine from self-interest. Over a thousand…

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The Ukrainian Politician Calls to Build Concentration Camps for the Residents of the Donbass

  The head of the Ukrainian party “Bratstvo” Dmitry Korchinsky said that the militaries should act as Americans in the Second world war – to create concentration camps for civilians and to bomb the residential areas. The ex-leader of the Ukrainian nationalist party “UNA-UNSO” and the head of the party “Bratstvo” Dmitry Korchinsky stated in an interview with the Ukrainian channel 112 that the people of the Donbass must be…

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Videos: Yesterday’s shellings of Donetsk, Konstantinovka, and Gorlovka

    DONATE! Konstantinovka: punishers have been launching something (or tried to shoot something), the buzz was heard through the whole town. The windows at the apartment blocks were shaking. The explosion was very powerful. From the Kirov area, in the Kuibyshev region the smoke from the mine waste was seen. The explosion was so powerful, that the house has bulged greatly. 16.06.15. 21:07 In Donetsk there was powerful explosion….

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