“Amnesty Internetional”: Overwhelming new evidence of prisoners being tortured and killed amid conflict in Ukraine

Overwhelming evidence of ongoing war crimes, including torture and summary killings of prisoners, serve as a stark reminder of the brutal practices being committed on a near-daily basis in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Amnesty International said in a new report published today. The 36-page report – Breaking Bodies: Torture and summary killings in eastern Ukraine – provides compelling evidence of frequent and widespread prisoner abuse by a broad range…

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Default in Ukraine: documentary evidence

“Cyberberkut” hacked  the Ukrainian  Ministry  of Finance  website: there is no money in the country. Hacking organization has published the documents of the external debt Department of theMinistry of Finance of Ukraine showing that the situation in the country is in a state of “financial and economic collapse”. Hackers from the group “Cyberberkut” said that they succeeded in hacking the computer network of the external debt Department of the Ministry of Finance of…

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Video:Financial Euromaidan 2015 – Fights of Ukrainian Protesters and Policemen

Activists of the “Financial Maidan” surrounded the entrance to the Parliament, demanding the adoption of the bill 1558-1 on the restructuring of the foreign currency loans. Hundreds of protesters chant “Shame!” near the Parliament building. Police and militaries provided the cordon. After a while, when protesters set fire to tyres, security officers began to detain people. 12 men have been arrested.  

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George Soros NGOs Paid Macedonian Students $1,500 to Think of Regime Change Ideas

While shocking to have these types of memos out in the open, it also should come as no surprise to anyone to see George Soros NGOs up to no good, and doing the bidding of their CIA backers. Remember, Macedonia is a critical link into getting Gaxprom Turk Stream gas into Europe market…something the US government is 100% opposed too. The fact that Soros is partnering up again with the Serbian based…

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Video: Pub in Kiev that Serves ‘Grilled Rebels’

A new nationalist-styled pub in the Ukrainian capital lures clients with a menu containing gastronomic jibes against political opponents of the ‘true patriots’ of Ukraine. The pub has a special counter for those ‘enforcers’ who come for a drink with a ‘slave’. The walls are draped with camouflage cloth and political cartoons, while the windows are covered with shadow net instead of curtains. The two owners of the new drinking…

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Nuland in Moscow: No Cookies, but Plenty of Baloney

Victoria Nuland is in Moscow! And she is 100% opposed to U.S. plans to arm Kiev,according to Interfax: Arms supplies to all parties in the conflict in Ukraine must be stopped, but the United States has yet to see that happen, says Victoria Nuland, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State. B-a-l-o-n-e-y. Nuland went on to state that she considers any Russian aid to the rebels in East Ukraine as a violation of…

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Yatsenyuk Wants Ukrainian to Be an Official EU Language. Has He Lost His Mind?

For starters, Ukraine is not even an EU member…We’ll stop there.  A fortnight or so ago, Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, while addressing the plenary session between Kiev and the EU, left his audience just a little bit open-mouthed. That was when he was explaining “why they had gathered that day.” “I am convinced”, he announced, “that there is a significant prospect that the Ukrainian language will become an official language…

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Fighting the Endless Lies of Fierce Western Propaganda

This article originally appeared at CounterPunch First they manufacture monstrous lies, and then they tell us that we should be objective! Is love objective; is passion? Are dreams defendable, logically and philosophically? When a house is attacked by brigands, when a village is overran by gangsters, when smoke, fire and cries for help are coming from every corner, should we award ourselves with the luxury of time to calculate, analyze and aim at complete logical,…

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Video: Kiev Meeting against Poroshenko and Yatsenuk 14.05.2015

May 14th, near Verchovna Rada Ukrainians held meeting against the growth of prices on utility bills. The extemporaneous scaffold showed the deputies what they can expect after an another utilities price rising. The activists expressed their attitude to the Ukrainian government in the form of the huge barrel with the word «gunpowder» («poroch» in Ukrainian – allusion to «Poroshenko») and the symbolic cell with the rabbit Seniya – such a…

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Ukraine to Attack the South of Russia

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the commander of the regiment “Dnepr-1” Yuri Berioza which has previously been spotted on territorial claims to Russia said that Ukraine will regain Crimea, Stavropol and Taganrog although the Stavropol and Taganrog teritories always belonged to Russia. Turning to the comrads from the regiment “Dnepr-1” Berioza on his page in Facebook called on his fighters to prepare to parade in Red Square….

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