The Guardian’s Laughable Coverage of Russia Blacklisting NED

You can’t make this up! To explain what the National Endowment for Democracy is The Guardian turns to… the National Endowment for Democracy! It actually, really, literally gives its readers a copy and paste from the NED website! This article originally appeared at Off Guardian In a brazen move, designed to ensure that Russia is ruled by Russians, the Duma has passed laws limiting the powers of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to operate inside Russia. The first target being the National Endowment…

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Video: Donetsk Shelling – 9-Year-Old Girl Seriously Injured, Civilians Killed

  “Donetsk under fire – the video shows the UAF shelling of village Severniy and mine Octyabrskaya. You can see the  houses on fire in the distance, there (especially on Zhukov street) many Ukrainian shells have fallen. One of the dormitories of the village is also hit.” On Sunday night the Ukrainian punishers shelled Donetsk many times. One of the shells hit a residential house, two civilians were killed and  in the house next door  9-year-old girl was seriously injured.

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That’s How Mariupol Defense Line Which Costs 1 Billion UAH Looks Like – Photos

  The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine reported that all three lines of defense erected around Mariupol are ready for 100%. The site of the city of Mariupol inspected the line of defense of Mariupol. This is what they saw: Exemplary platoon strongpoint, built by local builders under the leadership of the Donetsk military-civil administration, was repeatedly demonstrated for the delegation of the European Parliament, for President Poroshenko and…

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Video: Ukrainian Took Shower In Front Of Government Officials

Ukraine.Lutsk.A local resident decided to take a shower in the city administration building. A man protestested against the lack of hot water in the city.  He took a pan and the necessary toiletries and began to bath surrounded by local officials. Daredevil came to the city Council and took a shower in the presence of deputies. The reason for that was the absenceof hot water in the city . According to media reports tomorrow he…

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French Deputy After Visit To Crimea Said Ukraine Never Existed, And “Junta” Invaded Kiev

One of the French deputies Nicolas Duic who was in the MPs delegation which visited the Crimea said that Ukraine has never been a state and that all the people living there are Russians and modern Ukrainian authorities carry out the forcible nationalization. He says that those who criticize his words have a “lack of history knowledge.” His own knowledge of the history of Ukraine is based on the fact…

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JustGiving To Steal Money From Graham Phillips’ Fundraiser And Give It Ukraine

When his fundraiser for Donbass had reached its target Phillips received a message from the platform saying the means raised could only be transfered to the British Red Cross or Ukraine Charity but not him I’ve just returned from 3 months working in Donbass, the undoubted highlight of which, thanks to kind people and their donations, was being able to distribute over 5500 GBP of humanitarian aid. This was made possible by my Donbass…

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Repressions Against Independent Journalists In Ukraine: Kiev Special Forces Arrested Elena Boyko

Despite the real nightmare spread on the territory of Ukraine after the coup of February 22nd 2014, despite all pursuits of dissentients and political murders, many honest people have enough courage not to leave abroad and to tell the truth Bandera followers who has taken the power. Unfortunately, they have often very hard consequences. Somebody is killed, like Oles Buzina. Somebody is fiercely beaten, like Dmitriy Lyaschenko. And somebody is…

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DPR Power Engineers Connected To Power Supply Villages, De-Energized For Year

Power engineers of the Donetsk People’s Republic have restored power supply in two villages near Saur-Mogila, which nearly a year were left without electricity, reported the press service of the Ministry of coal and energy of the DPR. In July-August 2014 on the Saur-Mogila mound fierce fighting between militia and the Ukrainian security forces for the strategic height were held. As a result, not only the memorial complex was destoyed…

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USA To Give Kiev Saxon and Hammer Armored Personnel Carriers

A party of British Saхon and American Hammer armored personnel Carriers will be transferred to the Kharkov regional division of military police by the end of summer. This was reported by the media center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. “The first APC Saхon has been transferred to military police regional division. It is expected that the other armored vehicles of this type as well as several U.S. military…

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