Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stops Russian media accreditation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that the department  suspended press accreditation for the Russian media, the press service of the ministry told March 5. “Starting from this week, we will not accredit the Russian media,” said the press service. Last week, the press service of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine notified a number of Russian media about the suspension of the accreditation of journalists to Ukrainian…

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Netanyahu went to the United States to break a nuclear deal with Iran

According to Benjamin Netanyahu he is going to implement the “historical mission” trying to prevent the signing of a nuclear agreement with Iran. At the same time, the political opponents of Netanyahu expect that in case of successful visit of the Israeli Prime Minister in the United States he almost guarantee his re-election. Experts note that the trip of the ruling “Likud” party leader began two weeks before the parliamentary elections in…

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The head of the U.S. National Intelligence visited Kiev a month ago

       The head of the National Intelligence James Clapper in the interview to PBS reported that he took an unofficial visit to the Ukrainian capital about a month ago. “I was in Kiev about a month ago” said Clapper, which officialy is the coordinator of the activities of all 16 American intelligence agencies. He did not specify what were the goals and objectives of his trip to Ukraine which has not previously been declared. The…

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The representative of the FJCR

the EU can arrest Estonian MP Jaak Madison justifying fascism

      Earlier it was reported that the member of the Conservative people’s party of Estonia Jaak Madison was elected as the member of Parliament of Estonia on Sunday. He stated in his blog that the Nazi regime has made Germany one of the most powerful in Europe, although in the country  killing people in gas chambers was aproved.       Attempts to deny the fact of  Holocaust on the territory of the European…

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ISIS threatens Twitter employees with death

According to the message of supporters of terrorism, they threaten not only the whole network, as well as its founder Jack Dorsey particularly. The reason for this was the blocking of accounts associated with ISIS. In an Arabic post published on the website JustPaste.it, the group turned to the service with the words: «your virtual war on us will cause a real war on you». In addition, the extremists claimed…

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Preschedule graduation of cadets started in Ukraine

As it stated on the 2th of March 619 graduates all over the country got their officer ranks. According to decree of the President of Ukraine P.Poroshenko, graduation of cadets happened this time three months earlier than usually. It happened for the first time since the end of the Great Patriotic War. In Odessa 144 cadets graduated from military academy ahead of time. Also in Kiev 268 cadets from two…

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Spanish police arrested anti-fascists fought in Ukraine

     According to the Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs, they all participated in the armed conflict in the Donbass. The arrests were made at 06.30 in the morning (08.30 GMT) at the same time in Asturias, Catalonia, Extremadura, Murcia, Navarra and Madrid. The detainees are accused of “murder, possession of weapons and explosives, acts aimed against the interests of Spain abroad”. In recent months, in the Spanish media was reported…

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France, Germany and Russia didn’t support entry of UN peacekeepers in Ukraine

  At the meeting of foreign Ministers of France, Germany and Russia the initiative of Ukraine to send in the Donbass UN peacekeepers wasn’t supported. It was refused by not only by the Russian delegation, but also by the representatives of Germany and France France, Germany and Russia believe that “much more effective will be the strengthening and expansion of the monitoring mission of the OSCE”. The quota of the…

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