Villagers in Lugansk Region, Without Electricity for Nine Months, Demand That Ukraine Cease Shelling

The villagers held placards reading “Abide by the Minsk Agreements! Do not fire at electricians! No to the blockade! We need electricity! Ukrainian authorities, stop this outrage!” “We are tired of the war. We’re living like in the Stone Age, there are no any conditions for a life in the village. Most of all, we want peace,” said one of the women from Prishib, Lugansk Unfortunately Kiev disagrees Residents of village of Prishib,…

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DPR and LPR Demand to Create the International Tribunal on Donbass

The leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s republics appealed to the UN Security Council with a request to create an international Court Martial. They demand to judge the people responsible for “violations of international humanitarian law and crimes against humanity in Ukraine”, and promise to provide material evidence. The head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko and the LPR leader Igor Plotnitskiy declared about it at the joint briefing….

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Nuland’s Nemesis: Will Greece Be Destroyed to Save Her From Russia, Like Ukraine?

By Yves Smith Yves here. It became clear in June that the mood among the creditors had hardened and that they had decided the current Greek government had to go. I e-mailed something to that effect to some colleagues in mid-June, but with the benefit of hindsight, the commitment among the Europeans probably took place at the so-called “mini summit” of June 1. We’ll never know whether the Tsipras Le…

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Ukrainian hackers robbed Finnish banks

Ordinary residents of Estonia laundered stolen money. This was announced during a special police operation “Mozart”. Estonian media, with reference to the head of Europol Rob Vanrite, has published details of a large-scale police operation. During the investigation, were arrested five Ukrainian scammers who, as the police suspects, has developed and applied several computer Trojans Zeus and Spy Eye. Enterprising hackers have infected by malware tens of thousands of computers…

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Fugitive Odessa Deputy Joined DPR Militiamen 

He has informed about it on his FB page. “Yesterday (6 July – Ed.) I joined the brigade “Prizrak”, – he wrote. “Friends, thank you very much for greetings! I haven’t heard yet so many of pleasant words) Yesteday I joined the brigade “Prizrak”. Now the connection here is very bad, so I can’t answer everybody. I’ll write you later) Thank you a lot, again!” According to him, now he is in Alchevsk….

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Video: UAF Shelling of Maternity Hospital in Telmanovo

UAF shelled the maternity hospital in Telmanovo from heavy weapons.According to the fragments of shells, which were found there, the Ukrainian security officers provided fire on civilian objects from theself-propelled artillery platforms or howitzers D-30.UAF continues shellings of civilian settlements of the Donbass. The shells hit the roof of the maternity hospital in Telmanovo. Fortunately, the patients were taken to refuge in time and no one was hurt. SUBSCRIBE FOR OUR FB GROUP – GET NEWS ON DONBASS NOW!!!  

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Greeks Say ‘No’ – How Long Until the Empire Strikes Back?

The Saker fears a color revolution and a Greek Maidan Okay, now that we have all celebrated the beautiful Greek “NO!” to the EU plutocracy, we need to get real again and look at the Empire’s options. Or, in fact, at the Empire’s option (with no ‘s’ at the end). The Empire is extremely predictable. The example of Greece is a textbook case of how the Empire uses banks to strangle a…

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  The Finns did not allow Sergei Naryshkin get to the Helsinki session Parliament Assembly of the OSCE, because he was in the sanctions list of the European Union. The truth about which we had no idea emerges. It turns out that the OSCE is managed by the Brussels bureaucracy. If they want – they will let senior representative of the member countries of the Organization for security and cooperation…

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