Ukraine Parliament – The Best Absurdist Comedy Since Monty Python

If we sometimes think that the Ukrainian politicians have already exhausted their treasury of the wonderful things with which to amaze the world, I’m afraid that’s not correct. To confess, when PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk was talking about his wet dream to have Russia expelled from the UN or, at the very least, from its Security Council, I thought that was the highest of what’s humanly possible and nothing more marvelous could…

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Right Sector Vs. Ukraine Government: Battle Between the Fading Force and the Imploding Object

The violent conflict between the Ukrainian government and Right Sector exposes (1) the weakness of the Ukrainian government; and (2) the unpopularity of Right Sector. Since it was officially formed in November 2013 during the Maidan protests Right Sector has been on a rampage. It played a key – and violent – role in the Maidan protests. It was at the forefront of the attacks on the police. Its leader Dmitro Yarosh…

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One Day Of ‘Separatist’s’ Life

‘Separatist’ woke up before the sunrise. He was in good mood. He took along his gun and St. George Ribbon. Before leaving home he looked at his baby’s bed where his son-‘separatist’ was sleeping. When you grow up, I will make you a militia, you will put on a jacket with St. George Ribbon and will go fight against the junta. Every child dreams of that, just thinks of spitting to…

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Saakashvili’s New Russian Deputy Gets a Cool Reception in Ukraine

Not a brilliant move by Saakashvili Maria Gaidar is a liberal Putin critic but she earned the ire of the Ukraine media when she refused to say Ukraine was at war with Russia Who would have thought – Ukraine media/political climate too poisonously anti-Russian for even Russia liberals to embrace fully The new deputy governor of Ukraine’s Odessa region, the Russian liberal political figure Maria Gaidar got a cool reception upon her appointment after she refused…

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5 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Ukraine

  More than a third of the Ukrainians agree the Crimea is a part of Russia According to the latest polls, 33.3% of Ukrainian people said the Crimean referendum was legal. The respondents think the peninsula is the historical part of Russian territory and its locals had their right to decide whether they wanted to stay in Ukraine or get back into Russia, the International Institute of Sociology (IIS) reports….

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Video: Right Sector’s Meeting Against Poroshenko 21.07.2015

  Hundreds of Ukrainian right-wingers were rallying in Kiev on Tuesday to protest against government policies in the wake of a deadly stand-off between radical nationalists and police in the country’s west. Right Sector militants keep running into disputes with local Ukrainian authorities and Amnesty International has accused the group of holding civilians as prisoners and torturing them. The activists claim they are trying to clamp down on corruption and…

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Far From ‘veche’

The Right Sector organized an opposition move in Kiev on Tuesday. This move considered to be peaceful. Dmitri Yarosh, the head of the Right Sector, told that one day before this ‘veche’. In spite of his statement the Ukranian president Poroshenko and prime-minister Yatsenuk hurried to leave the city and to be far away from the Maidan square. For instance Poroshenko went on working trip through Nikolaevskaya area. And Yatsenuk…

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LPR Head Called Kiev To Withdraw Heavy Weapons

The LPR head Igor Plotnitzkiy called Kiev authorities to follow the example of the LPR and DPR and withdraw their weapons with calibre less than 100 mm for 3 km from the contact line at least. He said this to journalists during a visit to one of the military units of LPR militiamen. “Those who think we withdraw our weapons as we as weak must know clearly – we are…

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Heartbreaking Short Film About Life Under Kiev Bombings

“Humans live here” is a film made by two Moscow students who went to war and tried to show people all that they had seen and heard there. The film narrates an armed conflict in Donbass which affected civilians first of all. The real people became principal characters: an artist, a ballet dancer, doctors and teachers, children and participants of resistance. They answer the question of what was the reason…

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