“Putin” Named Best-Known Brand on Earth, Beats Apple and Coca-Cola

Whether it’s a Putin tiger, Putin smartphone, Putin bikers, Putin super-spy ship, Putin tank, Putin World Cup, Putin games, Putin dog, or Putin cat – if it says “Putin” on it, it causes consumers to focus. They tend not to focus too closely, but this is the subliminal nature of advertising.  By this metric, “Putin” is way ahead of Coca-Cola, Apple, and McDonalds. Especially popular are referenda.  When the “Putin” brand stands…

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8 thousand military personnel ran from Ukraine to the DPR

The military Prosecutor’s office has a list of 8 thousand law enforcement officers and military personnel who defected to the enemy side. This was stated by chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios.  Earlier, he said that the structure of the Prosecutor General has created a military Prosecutor’s office of the ATO forces, which will be engaged in investigation of criminal proceedings, in Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Zaporizhia oblasts.

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America’s Dark History of Supporting Ukrainian Fascists and War Criminals

Ukrainian Nazis were an invaluable intelligence asset for the CIA in the post-war confrontation with Russia, just as were German Nazi intelligence and German Nazi scientists Now brought back to life 70 years later, the CIA is playing the same game.  Those Ukrainian Nazis turned out to be very valuable after allThe American support of contemporary Ukrainian fascism albeit shocking is in fact not a new political phenomenon. Documents declassified by the…

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Ukraine continues to struggle with freedom of speech

Ukraine’s State Committee for Television and Broadcasting introduced on its website a list of 38 books apparently banned for import to Ukraine. The committee requested the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine to include the books in the list of goods banned from entering Ukraine from Russia. The State Fiscal Service in turn published the list, explaining that the ban is needed to protect Ukrainians from “information warfare.” Ukraine has taken…

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US Congress and President Obama “Officially” Recognize Donbass’: Public Law 86-90 (1959)

It’s true! President Barack Obama beat Russia’s President Putin to the punch by recognizing the right of Donbass to ascend to the fraternity of nations first. He has unwittingly reaffirmed this every year he has been in office. The Captive Nations Week Resolution passed by both the Senate and House of Representatives in 1959 and reissued as a Presidential Proclamation every year for the last 56 years (also known as…

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