Poroshenko To Mean Donbass Back By Year End

The Ukranian president P. Poroshenko believes, that by the end of the year Kiev will have been able to establish control on the Donbass. He adds that Kiev has completed some concerns on Minsk agreements. ‘We have started the constitutional process. The law is adopted, the features of the municipal government are adopted and Ukraine has completed its responsibilities’ – Poroshenko announced. The president said that when the territories of…

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Department Of State Warns About Trip To Crimea

Department of State on Wednesday 15th July warned its people that it was dangerous to go to the Crimea and to the East part of Ukraine.There is a special directive document which says ‘avoid going to the Crimea and districts of Donetsk and Lugansk. If you live there, try to leave this country and come back home’. This document is created to exchange the same document of 5th of January….

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Video:Right Sector Gunmen Took 6-Year-Old Boy Hostage During Fire Duel With Police

  Right Sector never ceases to amaze. These goons are now terrorizing the entire country. Two gunmen from Ukraine’s nationalist Right Sector militia on Monday briefly took a 6-year-old boy hostage in western Ukraine as a standoff between the gunmen and police entered its third day. Two people were killed Saturday in a Right Sector gun-and-grenade attack on police in a western Ukrainian city. Police had surrounded some gunmen in a…

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Humanitarian Supplies From Russia Cross Border To Donbass

 At the border points “Matveev Kurgan” and “Donetsk” according to the International law a document execution  for cargo such as food products, books, medicines and office supplies has been finished. The lorry column of Russian EMERCOM with humanitarian supplies for Donbass has crossed the border and is on the way to Lugansk and Donetsk. More than 100 of trucks are carrying about one thousand tonnes of humanitarian supplies. This lorry column is the 32nd…

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Video: The centre of Donetsk is under Bombing of Ukro-nazis Right NOW

  According to the district administration the Ukrainian security forces for about half an hour ago began a massive artillery bombardment of the village Spartak, the Donetsk region. “The attack is conducted from different types of weapons — mortars, machine guns, tanks, the whistle of shells is heard. A number of shells fell on the center of the village, but there is no possibility to get any information about victims and destructions until the attack will…

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Videos: Donetsk and Gorlovka Shellings 14.07.2015

Yesterday the UAF provided heavy shellings of Donetsk. The sound of explosions was heard in every district of the city. People were in panic, they went down to cellars, waiting for another sleepless night. The situation in Horlovka wasn’t better: for several hours the Ukrainian occupiers were bonbing the city with powerful shells, mostly the North-Western area of the city was shelled. There are combats near Svetlodarsk and Mayorsk.   Gorlovka shelling 14.07.2015 Gorlovka shelling 14.07.2015 Donetsk shelling 14.07.2015

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Six Not Six Without Putin

The New York Times has published an interview with Obama in which he discussed the historic agreement between Teheran  and ‘Six’. Obama told that “We wouldn’t have reached an agreement if Russia hadn’t been ready to work together with other countries to reach a good agreement”. In Vienna during negotiations between Iran and “Six” (Russia, USA, China, UK, France and Germany) the agreement on the Iran’s nuclear program was reached…

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Ukraine’s Honorary Consul in Turkey Dismissed for Wearing a Putin T-Shirt

KIEV, July 13 (TASS) – Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said on Monday he had dismissed the country’s Honorary Consul in Turkey Levent Aydin, who was seen in public in a T-shirt with Putin’s portrait, out of principle. “Levent Aydin has helped many Ukrainian citizens but it was the matter of principle. I took a decision to relieve him of his duties of Ukraine’s Honorary Consul,” Klimkin wrote on his Twitter…

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Headline of the Year: ‘Kiev Forced to Fight Its Own Fascist Militias’

In unusually honest language, The Times has expertly summarized the latest display of “western values” in Ukraine: Two quick points: As we’ve written previously, Right Sector cop killin’ sprees should not surprise anyone. Wise men and women haven been warning about it since March, 2014. Apparently The Times didn’t want to frighten its upper-crust readership with an actual photograph of Right Sector. Will an Instagram photo of an old man and a (Swiss?)…

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John McCain Called Ukro-Government “IMBECILES”

Funny characteristic was given to the Ukrainian authorities by the leader of the American Republicans, Senator – russophobe John McCain. In an interview with RBK on the question about the incident in Mukachevo McCain said: “Do you expect me to accuse Russia? Not this time. Kiev has let the thing  happen that it mustn’t have let. There is nothing we can entrust to these imbeciles“. The Senator haven’t given any recipes on how to overcome the crisis in…

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