Post-9/11 America: Was It Worth It?

Fourteen years later, the United States is still marching, undeterred by the millions killed and trillions of dollars wasted, towards something beyond grim “Let us consider the way in which we spend our lives.” So begins Thoreau’s greatest treatise against trains and fools with too much money, Life Without Principle. (And not to spoil the gripping plot, but Thoreau argues that we do not spend our lives particularly well. Why does Henry David…

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German Man Could Not Hear Media Lies About Refugees (VIDEO Eng Subs)

Germans are not like Americans (or many other Westerners for that matter). They are not, for the most part, credulous, undereducated buffons who believe anything that comes over the airwaves. This fed-up man provides a brief glimpse into the boiling frustration of a large segment of the German population who have been chafing under a shamelessly dishonest and corrupt media apparatus for far too long. The indictment is as searing…

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“For Ukraine, the construction of “Nord Stream 2” means removing Ukraine from the transit of supplies to the European Union. The second is a loss of 2 billion dollars of revenue that we receive for gas supplies in the EU through our territory”, — said Yatsenyuk. Poland also says that the construction of “Nord Stream-2” ignores Polish interests. Poland’s conservative president on Tuesday slammed a deal between Russia’s Gazprom energy giant and several leading…

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Time for a ‘Minsk 3’ in Ukraine – And This Time Keep It Simple

The Minsk 2 peace deal for Ukraine reached in February is too complex – it includes both technical and political aspects neither of which are upheld fully A new, better deal would first establish a real ceasefire, and only once it held, tackle political aspects This article originally appeared at GordonHahn.com As fighting continues to flare up intermittently in Donbass, and Kiev’s Maidan regime continues to meltdown in economic depression and Wiemar-like…

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5 Countries Are Ready To Send Troops To Ukraine

5 countries minimum are ready to send troops to Ukraine. In case of escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, at least five neighbors will garrison their troops in its territory to protect their interests. It was reported by the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Nikolay Malomuzh on air of TV channel “Sotsialnaya strana” According to him, all these neighboring countries have territorial claims to Ukraine. “Five…

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Video:Massive Anti-Corruption Protest Against Pro-Western Moldova Gov’t

Took place over the weekend The protestors want the resignation of the president and a new government – but these happen to be pro-western so there’s nothing to see here This isn’t Maidan. Don’t expect John McCain, Carl Bildt, Catherine Ashton, Frank-Walter Steinmeier or Victoria Nuland to show up for a photo-op Several protesters have been detained after tens of thousands of protesters inMoldova took to the streets of the capital to demand…

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Video From Journalists – Living Conditions Of Donbass Civilians: How Does Life In Basements Look Like

“Peaceful residents of Donbass for more than a year already have to live in basements due to artillery terror of punishers. Military correspondents talked to these people, saw their living conditions, and found out their opinion about the so-called “ATO”. “We want Mr. Poroshenko to experience what we have experienced,” said the inhabitants of the basements.”

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Ukraine Shocking News: Car With Drunk “Aidar” Militaries Hit A Child – VIDEO 18+

September 6, in Nikolaev on crossing of Lenin Avenue and street Lunacharskogo Opel Campo with military number plates with two drunk militaries of punitive battalion “Aydar” inside hit a girl. The child’s mother reported that while a family was going along a crosswalk, the cars stopped, but the jeep with punishers flew out from behind the car that stopped ahead of it, and hit the child. “They were drunk,” said the…

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Poroshenko Will Consider A Petition On The Appointment Of Saakashvili At Prime Minister’s Post

  Poroshenko will consider a petition on the appointment of Saakashvili as a Prime Minister. The petition to Poroshenko on the appointment of the Governor of Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili the head of government has received the required for consideration 25 thousand signatures. The document is available on the website of the Ukrainian President. In accordance with the rules, the petition shall be accepted for consideration within three working days….

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