Ukraine: Disquieting apprehensions

Experts recently attack Kiev’s junta conduction on Donetsk. One of the most striking features of this attack is condemnation of poor Ukraine’s force performance on Donetsk, and nothing about their war crimes, punitive action, and genocide. In particular, American expert and professor of Global Affairs at the Center for Global Affairs at New York University Mark Galeotti, that known for his sympathies to the Kiev junta, announced in an article for Business New Europe,…


VIDEO: Ukrainian militaries use «HAMAS» methods against civilians: AMBULENCE CARS for military purposes

In the video “the Battalion “Donbass” holds positions on the posts of Lugansk region” is clearly visible fully armed and equipped military moving throughout the territory of combat actions on the ambulance with Red Crosses. The use of ambulances for military purposes was one of the main accusations of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas during the operation ‘Cast Lead’ in the Gaza Strip in 2008. Today Ukrainian punishers have adopted…

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Human Rights Watch has accused Kiev of Donetsk bombing with the use of “Grads”

The human rights activists from international non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch has reason to believe that Kiev is has been shelling Donbass with the use of “Grads”. For the 3 last days 60 people in Donbass were killed and 150 wounded. This is stated in the report on the official website of the organization. Attacks documented by the Human Rights Watch we provided on Donetzk, Gorlovka, Lugansk, Volnovakha, Mariupol, Debaltzevo…


Army of Ukraine crashed finally

21 thousand former law enforcement officers have been kicked of the Internal Affairs Agencies. 4,000 of them were fired for the oath breaking. On the high level 9 generals and 97 Ministry officials were dismissed. Four commanders of the special unit “Berkut” are under house arrest. Now 141 thousand police officers are checked.


Ukrainian commanders can shoot down their subordinates from now

In the Verkhovna Rada deputies of Ukraine registered the draft law, which allows commanders to shoot down their own soldiers. “With the purpose of detention of military personnel who have committed crimes related to disobedience, holdout or threat of violence, who voluntarily left the positions and locations of military units in the areas of combat mission, the right to use physical force, special means, and in a combat situation and…


Ukrainian pastor made orphans starve for Ukraine

The pastor from Mariupol Gennadiy Mokhnenko initiated a hunger strike among children of the rehabilitation center “Respublika Piligrim”. The head of this center Gennadiy Mokhnenko announced the children’s hunger strike against the invasion of Russian army to Ukraine”. This post was published by Mokhnenko on the page of “Respublika Piligrim ” in Facebook. “In order to somehow help the soldiers, the defenders of Ukraine, we declare the children’s hunger strike,”…


Mariupol deputies changed mind and now they don’t recognize Russia as aggressor, and “DPR” – as terrorists

The names of the country of the aggressor and terrorist organizations have disappeared from the adopted by the deputies solution. The deputies unanimously voted for the recognition of Russia as an aggressor, but the reference to it disappeared from the final document. January 27 the session of Mariupol city Council unanimously decided to recognize Russia as aggressor, and “DPR” and “LPR” – as terrorist organizations. In the evening of the…

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Going to meet on the battlefield?

  Active combat operations have been resumed on Donbass. From January 10 on the entire line of contact between the militia and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are observed active artillery duels and direct engagement of opposing forces.After the failure of the idea of the next round of an international peace conference this can lead to the outbreak of the next stage of military confrontation in the Donbass. The situation in…