Headline of the Year: ‘Kiev Forced to Fight Its Own Fascist Militias’

In unusually honest language, The Times has expertly summarized the latest display of “western values” in Ukraine: Two quick points: As we’ve written previously, Right Sector cop killin’ sprees should not surprise anyone. Wise men and women haven been warning about it since March, 2014. Apparently The Times didn’t want to frighten its upper-crust readership with an actual photograph of Right Sector. Will an Instagram photo of an old man and a (Swiss?)…

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John McCain Called Ukro-Government “IMBECILES”

Funny characteristic was given to the Ukrainian authorities by the leader of the American Republicans, Senator – russophobe John McCain. In an interview with RBK on the question about the incident in Mukachevo McCain said: “Do you expect me to accuse Russia? Not this time. Kiev has let the thing  happen that it mustn’t have let. There is nothing we can entrust to these imbeciles“. The Senator haven’t given any recipes on how to overcome the crisis in…

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Pentagon to Legalize Transgenders in US Army

The US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter told that the law and the rules about transgenders were out of date and these strict rules distracted commanders from their work. Carter says that the special commission will take into account the fact that transgenders are able to serve without any problems and can’t influence on military battle readiness except the cases when there are any ‘practical obstacles’. But he hasn’t told…

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Interwiews with 3 Wounded Militiamen in the Donetsk Hospital – What Would They Tell Poroshenko?

Wounded militiamen in the Donetsk hospital The Spanish volunteer at the Donetsk city, Doctor Javi, has helped us to get these materials. Here are the interviews with three wounded militiamen, who are staying at the Donetsk hospital now.   The war name of the guy on the right is Valchok. “I live far from here in Vladivlstok, but I couldn’t just stay home watching the news”. “My family doesn’t know that I am…

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Official government of Kiev entrapped because of Right Sector

The new reality of the political routine of Ukraine of nowadays shows that the pretty long confrontation between the opposition and the official government now has got its peak. The troops of the “Right Sector” are going to participate in Kiev’s protest. The radicals demand the resignation of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Before that this protest was announced “not limited in time”. Now about 200 radicals…

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An interior ministry serviceman stands next to a burnt car following a shoot-out in Mukacheve, Ukraine, July 11, 2015. Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko has instructed law enforcement agencies to disarm and detain those who staged the shoot-out in the town of Mukacheve, Zakarpattia region, which left several people wounded and some reportedly killed, local media reported. REUTERS/Stringer - RTX1K0EG

Right Sector Calls to Kill Members of Ukrainian Security Forces, UAF and Ukro-Police

An interior ministry serviceman stands next to a burnt car following a shoot-out in Mukachevo, Ukraine, July 11, 2015.   Poroshenko has ordered the law enforcement agencies to disarm and detain the attackers who committed the shooting in Mukachevo and killed civilians. “The government should offer a decisive rebuff to all the manifestations of banditry!”, – said Poroshenko, awkwardly forgetting that these thugs have made him President. According to the latest data,…

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Video: “Right Sector” Shot Down Civillians, Machine-Gunned Jeeps Invaded Mukachevo 13.07.2015

  Transcarpathian city Mukachevo turned into a war zone: now there is a shooting, grenades are exploding and the gas station is on fire. According to witnesses, it all started when  jeeps with machine guns on their tops with militants inside and symbols of “Right sector” arrived to the sports complex “Antares”. They shot the complex, according to preliminary data, there are dead and wounded. Police announced the interception plan,…

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AFU screwed up Poroshenko

Soldiers of the 2nd battalion of the armored brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had issued an ultimatum to Poroshenko. In the video they promissed that will ignore any orders until  their demobilization announced. The military complained that he serves longer than necessary. Additionally, fighters are not satisfied with poor logistical support of the battalion.

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Doctor Javi, Spanish Volunteer, Saving Lives in the Donbass

  Javi was born in Badajoz, Extremadura (Spain) He studied in the medical school of Universidad de Extremadura and finished it in July, 2014. Javi at hospital practices in Spain                    “At the age of 15-16 I became a libertarian socialist after reading several books from Chomsky, Proudhon, Bakunin… I strongly believe in people’s freedom and in their right to decide even if…

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EU recognized the Russian Crimea

 The Netherlands has published on the procurator’s office website  a map of Ukraine without Crimea and the southern part of Odessa region (the territory of Bessarabia). Map is a part of infographic of the basic details of the investigation of the disaster Malaysian Boeing under Donetsk. Dutch prosecutors also twitted this infographic without Crimea, which caused a wave of indignation and threats from Ukrainian accounts. In early July, the Network Coordination Centre (NCC)…

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