The United States will try to maintain its presence in Syria

Washington is not going to drop the idea of the regime change in Syria, said Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov. According to the Deputy head of the diplomatic Department of the Russian Federation, the United States entered Syria without official invitation of Damascus and without a proper UN mandate. The only objective pursued by Washington – is to overthrow the current government of the country and to establish…


Russia will build a new naval base

We did not have time to assess the economic effect from the beginning of the withdrawal of the military group from the Syrian Hmeimim, as we have already begun to create a full-fledged Russian naval base in Tartus. Vladimir Putin today submitted for ratification to the State Duma an agreement between the Russian Federation and Syria on expanding the presence of the Russian Navy in Tartus. A full-fledged Russian naval…


The US is losing the battle for Syria

On November 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin held meetings with his counterparts in Syria, Egypt and Turkey. The visit of the Russian leader to the three capitals became a landmark for the Middle East and gave new grounds for recognizing the growing influence of Moscow in the region. The Washington Post, for example, believes that Putin outplayed Trump in the Middle East. The publication notes the growing authority of the…


Putin ordered the withdrawal of troops from Syria

The Russian president – supreme commander-in-chief Vladimir Putin arrived on December 11 at the airbase of Hmeimim in Syria and ordered to withdraw the Russian group from the Arab republic. “I order the Minister of Defense, the Chief of the General Staff: to proceed the withdrawal of the Russian group of troops to their permanent deployment points,” Putin said, speaking to the air base military personnel, Tass and Interfax reported….


American aircraft tried to prevent the destruction of terrorists in Syria

Most of the rapprochement between Russian and American aircraft in the sky over Syria in the Euphrates River valley area were connected with attempts by US aviation to prevent the destruction of terrorists of the “Islamic state”, said the official spokesman of the Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov. Earlier, representatives of the Pentagon in an interview with the New York Times said that the military security committee allegedly allowed dangerous…


The time has come. Will Trump collect stones thrown at him?

The State Department created an operational group to monitor the reaction to the decision of the US President on the Holy City. Although watching it is the same thing to observation the origin of the hurricane. You see, but you can not do anything. The world community condemns and fears that this may end badly. The last time it was so unanimous was a little over a week ago. Kim…


If there is a war tomorrow: Israel launched an aggressive game in the Middle East

Israel continues to implement an aggressive foreign policy, which in a couple with other problems that have accumulated in the region, leads to the militarization of the Middle East. On December 6, unscheduled military exercise began in the north of the country. The purpose of this exercise is to check the combat readiness in case of an outbreak of armed conflict with Lebanon. Over the past 3 days, the Israeli…


Millions of sterling for terrorists: British special services were exposed in Syria

The defeat of ISIS in Syria is accompanied by a series of scandalous exposures of aiding terrorism in the West. Following the Franco-Swiss group Lafarge, which delivered cement for militants in order to construct fortifications in the center of the scandal appeared the British company Adam Smith International (ASI), which oversaw the work of the so-called “Free Syrian police.” It turned out that the money from the British budget did…


The State Department claims that the Syrians do not want to see Assad as their president

The head of the press service of the State department Heather Nauert noted that the elections of the new Syrian leader should be attended by residents who were forced to leave their homeland. The US State Department claims that the Syrians no longer want Bashar Assad to lead an Arab republic. Such position was expressed on Tuesday by the head of the press service of the foreign policy department Heather…


The US intend to expand its military presence in northern Syria

Damascus will not be able to win a military victory over the Syrian opposition, said a representative of the US administration. The White House believes that Damascus is deprived of human resources and depends on its allies. In addition, the loss of oil revenues and the destruction of infrastructure play its role. The US say that Damascus will not be able to provide a “sustainable peace” in Syria. “They are…