The SAA and Hezbollah recaptured the border with Lebanon

Syrian government forces together with fighters of the Lebanese movement “Hezbollah” liberated from the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” 87 square kilometers of territory on the border, reported a source in the organization “Hezbollah”. “The Syrian army and fighters of “Hezbollah” for the first day of operation “If you come back, we’ll be back too” released 87 square kilometers of the total seized territory of 155 square kilometers…


General staff: the Province of Aleppo is completely liberated from terrorists

«The Syrian province of Aleppo completely liberated from the terrorists»,-  said the chief of the the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the armed forces – Colonel General Sergey Rudskoy. According to him, the fundamental changes has undergone over the past month in the SAR. “Government forces backed by the Russian aerospace forces have made significant gains and inflicted a major defeat of a large group of ISIS…


Russian aerospace forces wiped out in Syria, more than 200 militants

The Russian aerospace forces made a struck on a column of ISIS fighters on its way to the area of the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor. This was announced by the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. “Aircraft of Russian aerospace forces destroyed another large convoy of ISIS militants going to the area of the city of Deir ez-Zor, where international terrorists try to regroup and equip their last…


Army kills many ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor, establish control over many oil fields in Raqqa countryside

Army units engaged in sporadic clashes with ISIS-affiliated terrorist groups on the axes of al-Rushdieh neighborhood, al-Maqaber “cemeteries” and the Airport in Deir Ezzor and its surroundings, killing scores of terrorists. SANA reporter in Deir Ezzor said that the clashes were accompanied by intensive airstrikes carried out by the Syrian Air Force against ISIS terrorists’ gatherings and positions in the neighborhoods of al-Rushdieh and al-Hwaiqa, the surroundings of Regiment  137,…


The Russian military in Syria helped to deliver the cargo of the UN to East Ghouta

Russian Centre for the reconciliation in Syria ensured the safety of delivery of the UN humanitarian goods from Damascus to the area of de-escalation in Eastern Ghouta. This was announced by the head of the delegation of the International Committee of the Red cross in Syria –  Marian Gaser. “This time, there were no obstacles in the passage of the column, – TASS quoted her words. – The Russian military…


Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed in Syria 730 terrorist targets this week

Over the past week the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed in Syria, more than 730 sites, belonging to the terrorists. During this time 290 sorties were done, according to an infographic on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense. It is noted that more than 120 missions with intelligence purposes were made by Russian drones. They detected more than 160 terrorist targets. Previously it was reported that on August 13…


New targets of the world war party part #3

III. Southeast Asia In the region over the past year the number of anti-government and terrorist attacks by jihadist groups have risen exponentially. Actively deployed fighting with Islamists in Malaysia and Indonesia, and the population is becoming more and more religious. And it also doesn’t look random, because Indonesia is the country with the highest Muslim population in the world, and attempt to raise here the faithful to Jihad, of…


New targets of the world war party part #2

Central Asia From post-Soviet countries of Central Asia, Tajikistan is the 1st supplier of suicide bombers. And although the authorities are genuinely afraid of radicalization and therefore take drastic measures to close hundreds of unlicensed houses of worship, ban Islamic dress in schools and workplaces, close visiting the mosques to citizens under the age of 18, and drive off all Islamists without to the underground, and in the output it…


Toxic substances of the US and the UK were found in the warehouses of the Syrian rebels

In the warehouses left by the rebels during the retreat, were found toxic substances, delivered to Syria from the US and the UK. It was stated by Deputy foreign Minister of the Arab Republic Faisal Milad. According to him, hand grenades and rounds to a grenade launcher, charged with irritating poisonous substances CS (gas siren) and CN (Chloracetophenone) were found. “The Chemical munitions were manufactured by Federal Laboratories in the…


New targets of the world war party part #1

The Middle East Jordan is a more suitable target for a further transfer of radical Islamism. However, until this country is the current bridgehead of Washington and a huge camp on training for the Syrian “opposition” — its stability will be maintained. At least until the moment when the Russian coalition finally provide control over a large part of the border of Syria and Iraq, and militants of various terrorist…