It is necessary to eliminate the centers of terrorism in Syria and work on the return of refugees

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed the need to eliminate the hotbeds of terrorism in Syria, work on the return of displaced persons and the revival of the economy in the country.

At a meeting of the BRICS leaders in Osaka, Japan, on the eve of the official opening of the G-20 summit, Putin said that at this stage it is important to eliminate the remaining hotbeds of terrorism and continue to assist the Syrian government in rebuilding the economy, infrastructure and returning refugees.

Moscow has repeatedly pointed out that the terrorist organization Dzhebhat An-Nusra controls most of the province of Idleb, continues to hold hostages, attack the positions of the Syrian army and civilians, confirming that the agreements on de-escalation zones do not include terrorist organizations wherever they are.

Putin: Russian forces eliminated a large number of terrorists in Syria

In an interview with the British Financial Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that Russian troops who had participated in the war on terrorism in Syria had destroyed a large number of militants who were planning to return to Russia or neighboring countries.

Information agency “Sputnik” quotes Putin’s answer to the question of what Russia has achieved in its anti-terrorist operations in Syria. “We have achieved even more than I expected. Firstly, a large number of militants who planned to return to Russia were destroyed, – we are talking about several thousand people – to Russia or to neighboring countries with which we do not have a visa regime. Both are equally dangerous for us, ”said the President.

On the other hand, Putin stressed that the situation in the Arab Gulf region has become more dramatic and explosive due to the unilateral policy of the United States.

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