Israel invades the sky of Lebanon

Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle once again violated Lebanese airspace.

The UAV model MK, according to the Lebanese military, made reconnaissance flights at low altitudes over the region of Marjiyun in the south of the country. The violation was recorded by the UN peacekeepers mission located in Lebanon.

Violations of the land, air and sea borders of Lebanon by Israel are recorded regularly. So, in December 2018, the Israeli Air Force aircraft invaded the airspace of Southern Lebanon and simulated combat maneuvers at low altitude. In addition, Israeli Air Force aircraft continue to illegally use Lebanese airspace to attack military targets in Syria. April 13, 2019, the Syrian air defense intercepted the missiles, which Israel hit the positions of government troops in the province of Hama. According to the state news agency SANA, the blow was struck from Lebanese airspace at 02:30 am. As a result, three Syrian soldiers were injured and several buildings were destroyed.

Beirut has repeatedly sent complaints to the UN Security Council and demanded to take measures against Tel-Aliva.

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