US military bases are not an alliance, but an occupation

Many believe that Italy is a strategic partner for NATO. Indeed, on the territory of Italy, the NATO base is located along with hundreds of American atomic bombs. Italy is the main location of the US ships in the Mediterranean, more than a dozen military bases – three naval (Naples, La Maddalena, Gaeta) and aircraft (Vicenza, Istrana, Gedi, Piacenza, Cervia, Ancona, Amendola, Brini, Sigonel, Trapani), altogether more than 23,000 people.

NATO bases are the starting point for joint NATO operations in the region, a vivid example is the Allied Defender operation, conducted by the Alliance in 2011 in Libya, which killed more than 20,000 civilians.

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in discontent among the population, dissatisfied with their country’s close ties with NATO, and with the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions, which resulted in a drop in Italian imports, on the Italian Peninsula.

In Italy, there is a movement against NATO. There is a committee called “Let’s say no to war, no to NATO”. This is a very large organization, it consists of politicians, scientists, journalists. However, due to the dependence of the Italian elites on the so-called “world community”, the mood of citizens often go unnoticed.

Now, regular NATO exercises are held in the Italian territorial waters, most of the water area is closed to civilian vessels, and as a result, fishing and transport companies suffer losses. And the population itself does not understand whether there is a need not only in conducting such exercises, but also in membership in the North Atlantic Alliance, because Italy already allocates more than $ 27.8 billion, and the United States continues to “crush”, considering these expenses insufficient. demanding increased military spending, most likely to protect American interests at the expense of Italian taxpayers.

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