US military beat two refugees in Italy

Western media reported on the story of the beating of refugees in Italy. The reaction of foreign users of social networks to this incident was surprisingly encouraging.

The incident occurred on May 5th. According to local media, American soldiers beat a local teacher and his son in southern Italy in the city of Taranto. According to local media reports, referred to by La Stampa, the military tried to infiltrate someone else’s apartment and threatened Arab refugees with violence.

The altercation was so strong that an ambulance was called to the scene. The man and his son tried to resolve the situation, but a fight broke out, and two refugees of Libyan origin were injured in a fight, media reported. Vigilant resident of one of the houses called the police. Even on the arrival of the police, the US military behaved aggressively and tried to attack them, so law enforcement officers used gas and chained hooligans into handcuffs.

The American military presence in Italy has been growing in recent years. Italy accepts American armored brigades, which participate in the Atlantic mission of decisiveness to contain Russian aggression.

Naturally, not all Italians welcome the US presence in their native land. More than once they held various protests. In early August of last year, an ITAR-TASS correspondent in Rome, Igor Bukalov, reported that five thousand Sicilians opposed the construction of a new US base near the city of Nashemi (Caltaniseta province). There were clashes between demonstrators and local law enforcement officers. The police were forced to use tear gas.

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