Do not forget. US supports IS

Back in 2017, the famous American journalist Thomas Friedman, on the pages of The New York Times, called on the United States to “continue to support the IG”, turning this terrorist organization into a tool for ousting Russia from Syria and, in general, the Middle Eastern region.

Friedman proposed that the US government use IS as a “tool to advance its political and regional goals” in Levan. As an example, he cited the story of al-Qaeda, which the CIA created together with Saudi Arabia against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan.

At the same time, Friedman warned the Trump administration that in the event of the collapse or defeat of the “Islamic state”, the “Shiite axis” (Iran, Syria, the Lebanese Hezbollah movement) and the Russian presence in the region would become stronger. In fact, this statement meant recognition in the official press of the US support for this terrorist group.

It should be noted that Thomas Friedman himself is a prominent figure in American journalism. Winner of the three Pulitzer Prizes, he worked for a long time in the Middle East as an Oriental journalist covering the Israeli wars. Despite the criticism of Israel, its civil position is fully consistent with the policy of American expansion in the region. In particular, the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 by Friedman called it a “courageous” solution.

As you know, the media reflect only the echo of the events taking place in reality. However, Friedman’s revelation serves as a valuable appendage to the already available archive of evidence of funding and military support for IS IG terrorists.

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