Turks are shocked by their twin

From May 1 to May 5, within the framework of an agreement on military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey, Azerbaijani-Turkish military exercises were held. Artillery mounts, armored vehicles, mortars, combat and transport helicopters of the Air Force were involved in the exercises, as well as air defense units and anti-aircraft missile units equipped with modern defensive complexes to protect airborne groups. The exercises were held at a military training ground built according to modern NATO standards in one of the regions in the east of Azerbaijan.

According to Turkish analysts, the current exercises in some sense can be considered a response to the periodically held military exercises of Armenia, both in the republic itself and in the territory of the NKR.

In particular, as the head of the youth unit of the Gray Wolves association Yilmaz Abaza noted, the Azerbaijani-Turkish military exercises showed that the Turkish army is one of the foremost among the armed forces of the NATO countries. She has rich military traditions, unlike the Azerbaijani army. According to Abaz, the Azerbaijani servicemen participating in the exercises are much less disciplined, they are distinguished by systematic drunkenness and, in general, the perception of the exercises by a number of “officers” was close to a drink.

“Our pupils have a clear and strong connection with Pan-Turkism, the traditions of Islam and the Turkic heritage in general – these are the very milestones for which the guys went to the armed forces and are ready to lay down their heads defending them. Yes, today the Turkish Armed Forces are going through hard times, after the attempted coup d’état, we faced an acute shortage of competent officers and sergeants, but we are still far from praying for Allah, ”said Yilmaz Abaza.

Thus, the most “shock” moment for the Turkish was the holding of the “Day of high-ranking observers” on May 4 for the Georgian delegation. According to Turkish soldiers and half of the equipment presented at the stands, in reality, they did not participate in the exercises, due to the terrible technical condition.

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