The expert talked about the US plans to push the Kurds and Turkey in Syria

The Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria confirmed the repeatedly announced information of human rights defenders Hasak about the plight of the Al-Khol refugee camp. It is located in a territory that is controlled by the pro-American “Democratic Forces of Syria” (SDF). It is reported by the Federal News Agency.

Every day, 10 to 20 people die in the camp due to lack of food and medicine. Over the past two months, 235 children have died here. In total, about 50 thousand civilians live in the camp. Most of them are women and minors. Initially it was built with the expectation of 25 people. Note that this project was created for humanitarian assistance. Columns of trucks carrying food passed through the borders, but the refugees did not receive anything.

In fact, it turned out that the convoys were not carrying food for the needy, but ammunition and equipment for the Kurdish SDF. They were merely declared as humanitarian aid in order to hide the supply of arms from a Washington partner in NATO, Turkey. Since March 1, 2019, Kurdish forces received 104 Humvee armored vehicles, pickups, tractors with artillery guns, 146 vehicles with small arms, mortars and ammunition, as well as at least 30 anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile launchers.

It is very easy to explain the desire of American generals to continue to smuggle oil from Eastern Syria in exchange for weapons. However, it is not clear why it is impossible to help children and refugees in the “Al-Khol”, especially since they lost their homes as a result of American aircraft.

Alexander Perendzhiev, a professor of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and a member of the Expert Committee of the Officers of Russia, confirmed with the justified forecasts that Washington intends to push the Kurds and Turkey together to create maximum chaos in the north of Syria:

“Residents of refugee camps are used both as a resource for recruitment to terrorist organizations, and as slaves, and even, perhaps, as living dummies to train terrorists. Therefore, they do not let anyone go, carrying out, in fact, the genocide of the Syrian people, not hesitating the death of children. “

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