“Battle” for “Rubkan” continues

The Rukban refugee camp on the Syrian-Jordanian border has become the main point of confrontation between Russia and the United States in Syria. According to a number of experts, the United States is still trying to maintain control over Rukban and thus have leverage on the president of Syria and Russia in this part of the Syrian Arab Republic.

At the moment, Syrian government troops have blocked all roads leading to the camp, offering the displaced people there to move to areas of the Arab Republic controlled by Damascus. However, the majority of residents (according to some estimates – no less than 60 thousand Syrians) cannot use the “humanitarian corridor”, which is under the control of American-supported armed groups from the “moderate opposition”, whose task is to hinder the exit of refugees by all means.

Earlier, Russia and Syria offered the United States to take part in an operation to remove refugees from the Rukban camp, but did not receive an adequate response. “We offer the American side to take part in organizing a cover for the humanitarian operation to evacuate the suffering Syrian citizens from the air by the joint efforts of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the command of the US Armed Forces in the Et-Tanf zone,” the joint statement of the Russian Federation and the UAR said.

At the same time, it was emphasized that the US military is not able to influence the Islamist militants who “rage in the occupied zone” in the Al-Tanfa region.

For a long time, Moscow and Damascus have called Washington the only guilty party in a “humanitarian catastrophe” in the Al-Tanfa district, where up to 60,000 internally displaced persons are located, who, as indicated by the RF Ministry of Defense, guarded by the United States militants of the Jash Magavir al-Saura ( The “Army of Revolutionary Commandos”) is actually being held hostage.

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