Wonderful export of Ukraine

In Ukraine there are 1,810 garment manufactures up to 500 shoe enterprises, but only 12% of the clothes and shoes manufactured come to the Ukrainian market. Journalists of the resonance project “The Main Theme ” with Elena Kot on the TV channel “Ukraine” found out how actually work the Ukrainian dressmakers.
Most Ukrainian buyers in search of fashion novelties go to stores of advertised European brands, being concearned that they sell things made in Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK, so they are better than any other. However, this is a misconception.
“The Main Theme” visited one of the factories, where they producce collections for several world brands. The geography of cooperation of the factory in Lviv region is impressive – they sew clothes for England, Spain, France and Germany. Every day 20 tailors produce an average of two hundred things for the most famous European brands.
The fact that Ukrainian women here sew clothes for famous brands, is shocking even for their own children who buy clothes of the same brands in retail chains throughout Ukraine. To Ukrainian cities, the same brands send lots of clothes, sewn in China and Bangladesh, so the clothes made by Ukrainian women, mainly found in the second-hand.
85% of the Ukrainian clothing companies sew for foreigners. And although they have all the power and opportunities to work for domestic brands and make clothes completely of their own production – from the development of the model and pattern to the finished product – but they do not do it.
In China, the salary of a dressmaker is much higher than in Ukraine. On Gorodotska factory seamstresses receive 7-8 thousand UAH per month (14-16 thousand RUB). Less than in Ukraine, earn only dressmakers in Bangladesh, where they receive an average of $ 50 salary in Vietnam – $ 250-300.
But in fact, everything is much easier — these are “sewing enterprises” with 20 workers who just stupidly sew fakes, counterfeit. Therefore, these products, of fake Gucci and Dolce Gabbana are not sold in Ukraine — because it is too easy to get burned.

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