Ukraine as a viscous swamp of war

The Ukrainian government still cannot recognize Crimea as Russian and calls it occupied territory. Against this background, the United States, together with Ukraine can not leave Russia alone. The States, dictating their terms to the Ukrainian authorities, heat up the serious situation in the waters of the Black and Azov seas, thereby trying to draw Russia into the conflict.
The main countries which have not recognized the Russian Crimea are USA, UK, Romania, Germany and several other countries – members of NATO and Ukraine. Kiev, given its economic instability, can not exist a day without the help of the West, the European Union and the monetary Fund. Western countries led by the United States give Ukraine loans at high interest rates, which will grow. In addition to loans, the Ukrainian authorities require “armed” assistance from NATO to protect Ukraine from “Russian aggression”. Periodically conducted NATO exercises in the Black sea, US drones which constantly in the air, monitoring the situation, American instructors, training Ukrainian military – all attempts by Ukraine to draw NATO into an armed conflict with the Russian Federation.
Thus, creating new provocations, Ukraine is trying to label Russia as an “aggressor” and draw NATO and the EU into a war against it. However, the whole world has already realized that the Ukrainian authorities only shake the air and catch up with artificial psychosis around their actions.

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