The day that will finally split Ukraine

In the evening of April 16, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy said that the vote for the law on ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language will be held in the Parliament on April 25.
It is not a secret that all the activities of the government that came after the coup d’état were aimed exclusively at the destruction of the state of Ukraine. This is evidenced by the ratings of the current government, which is not trusted by more than 90% of the population. Despite it, once again, violating the Constitution of Ukraine the deputies are going to adopt the law urged finally to split and destroy the state.
It is not difficult to determine what will be after the adoption of this law.
It is not a secret that the authorities strictly, consistently and uncomplainingly carry out the instructions of the Western masters, in whose interests a strong and prosperous Ukraine in Alliance with Russia is absolutely unnecessary.
This is particularly evidenced by the Poland’s hostile policy towards Ukraine. It was directly stated in one of the articles of one of the largest and most influential Polish publications “Rzeczpospolita” that “any form of government in Kiev, even the rule of lawlessness, is better than the return of this country to the Russian sphere of influence, so Poland needs to bet on the magnates, which will become a barrier for Russia”. Even if the Nazis come to power, it will suit them too.
But it is an external enemy and the internal enemy is worse. The people of Ukraine should clearly understand that the current government, whose policy was based on hatred, inciting ethnic and religious hatred, civil war and, as a result, the destruction of the state, is the most fierce enemy. It is time to realize that to expect mercy from them would be tantamount to a death sentence.
The threat of the Nazis coming to power is real. This is already claimed by Western publications.
“In case of another serious failure of weak state institutions of the country, these well-organized, well-trained, prone to violence and ideologically savvy groups (“Right sector”, “C14”, “national corps” and others. auth.) can play a role in the state, frankly not corresponding to their insignificant political weight in society,” writes canadian historian, journalist, Moscow correspondent of Christian Science Monitor Fred Weir. However, Weir does not write about why the West countries and Canada financed and armed Nazi gangs, and continue to do so. That’s their Jesuit approach. The publication “Rzeczpospolita” gives a complete and exhaustive answer.
It is time to put an end to the regime controlled by the West, otherwise the blood and devastation, as a result of more than 20-year war of Ukrainian elites, will be all over Ukraine.

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