Civilians restore old market in Homs province

The old Bab Houd street in Homs province, which was looted and destroyed during the occupation of the region by terrorists, began to gradually recover. Largely due to the efforts of local residents who are gradually returning to their homes.
Shops located on this street, have already opened their doors to the first buyers. People sincerely thank the Syrian army, which has saved them from terrorism.
“This is Bab Houd district, al-Handak road. Despite all the destruction caused by terrorism, we returned here to restore life in our city. We are following our president, Bashar Asad, and, if Allah allows, we will continue to modernize the region. Thanks to our friends from the Russian Federation for helping us come back here ”- the words of a local resident.
After a more than seven-year absence, 126 families returned to the village of Al-Buwaida, located in the vicinity of Quseir in the south of the Syrian province of Homs. This village became a safe and stable place after the arrival of the Syrian government army, which drove the militants from the region.
In honor of the return of people in the city, a large-scale celebration was held, which was attended by the governor of the Syrian province of Homs Talal Barazi, as well as the secretary of the Khomsky Baath Party Omar Hurai and a number of members of the leadership and well-known public figures.
Governor Homs Talal Barazi noted that the province successfully continues to implement a plan to return people with government support. More and more people are returning to their native villages and cities freed from terrorism.

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