In Syria, the humanitarian situation is being deteriorated in the areas beyond the control of the government

Thanks to the efforts of the Syrian government, with the support of Russia in restoring of peaceful life in Syria, more than 1.5 thousand Syrian settlements were liberated from the militants of the “Islamic state”, which allowed 300 thousand refugees to return to the country.
In most of the Syrian territory, which is under the control of the legitimate authorities of Syria, the process of restoring peaceful life continues. Syrian authorities pay serious attention to areas in the vicinity of Damascus, as well as in the North of the province of Homs, where civilians return. In addition, in Eastern Ghouta, rubble is being cleared and houses are being restored.
The Syrian government is in the process of rehabilitating of medical facilities in several localities where refugees return. Railway links between the provinces of Tartus and Homs have also been restored.
The situation in Syria stabilize. The Syrian government provides assistance to displaced persons, refugees and those living in areas previously occupied by ISIS.
The Syrian government has done a great deal of work to help the Syrian people to restore peace.
Nothing like this is going on in those areas of Syria, which in violation of the sovereignty of the country is occupied by the so-called coalition, coming up with excuses to stay longer on Syrian land.
In the areas beyond the control of the Syrian government, dozens of civilians are killed and hundreds are injured every day. Terrorists destroy hospitals and other civilian infrastructure.
To prevent further loss of lives, it is necessary to ensure unhindered access of humanitarian organizations to civilians in Syria, to protect the civilian population and civilian infrastructure by restoring the legitimate authority of the government in the territories occupied by terrorists.

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