Corrupted country – Ukraine

Over the past few years, Ukraine only does that takes money in loans from European countries, based on assistance in different areas, because everything is old and should be replaced and they need a huge amount of money to do it.
So in 2018, Dnipropetrovsk region received a grant from the EU in the amount of 1.5 million euros for the repair of abandoned hostels and health facilities for “refugees” from Donbass. After receiving the money immediately began construction and repair work. But after a few months, they stopped abruptly, the project was frozen, and people were told that the work is underway and will soon end. A year later, the situation has not changed, and civilians continue to say that the work will soon be over. At the abrupt termination of the work it was immediately clear that local MPs immediately dismantled the money in the pockets.
This is not the first and only case. European countries constantly transferred huge sums of money to Ukraine in order to repair industry and raise the level of the economy in the country. But they do not reach the destination, in this corrupt country, every Deputy immediately take money into their pocket.

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