Ukraine – the country which revived neo-Nazism!

The main directions of development of such a state as Ukraine can be identified nothing but terrorism and neo-Nazism.
The stage of origin of terrorism can be called March 19, 2015, when Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine on intelligence agencies of Ukraine”. The majority of deputies — 258 voted for the corresponding decision. The amendments of deputies Andrei Levus and Sergei Pashinsky made legal and even mandatory the physical destruction of “enemies of the Ukrainian nation” outside the Ukrainian borders.
The Verkhovna Rada, having adopted these amendments, legalized murder as an instrument of state foreign policy. From now, the special services of Ukraine are not only allowed, but ordered to “infiltrate into international organizations engaged in subversive activities against Ukraine in order to prevent or stop their illegal activities”.
We can say that Ukraine has officially legalized terrorism outside its borders, and now it shows it in every way.
Terrorism, in its turn, has produced nothing but neo-Nazism. And it all started with a harmless Maidan, which was largely ordered and provoked by various neo-Nazi forces. The result is obvious — a significant part of the Rada is occupied by extreme right-wing nationalists, who often block any legislative initiative that does not meet their interests.
For example, Andriy Parubiy – Commissioner of the Euro Maidan, who later became the First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine — is known as one of the founders of the neo-Nazi, racist Social national party of Ukraine. An interesting fact is that the logo of the party depicts Wolfsangel (wolf’s hook), which can also be seen on the banners of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi, racist organization “Patriot of Ukraine”, the emblem of the regiment of the National guard of Ukraine “Azov” and even — in the symbolism of the National Institute for strategic studies under the President of Ukraine. Parubiy was also appointed at one time Secretary of the national security and defense Council of Ukraine, which says a lot.
They are not affected by the fact that tariffs for common utilities are increased by 500% -600%, that real wages fell significantly, that the UAH devalued three times, that the country has huge unemployment, and the Ukrainian people live worse than in Africa. Their interests are affected only by Russophobia, suppression of any dissidence and they are ready to kill for the sake of their wild worldview.

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