Turkey’s occupation of the North-Eastern Syria

Ankara has begun a new stage of military operations against Kurdish armed groups, which it considers terrorist. So far, only aviation bombs the positions of the Kurdistan Workers’ party as part of the operation «Paw».
It is expected that the land phase will start in the near future in Syria. Operations of the Turkish army there will take place mainly in the area of Manbij, as well as in the territories located East to the Euphrates. This was announced by the Minister of defence of Turkey, Hulusi Akar.
It is clear that the military operation announced a few months ago in the East of the Euphrates against the self-defense Forces of the Syrian Kurds (YPG) Ankara will begin in the coming days. The US, support YPG and has repeatedly stated that they are against such plans.
Anadolu Agency, as well as a number of other Turkish media reported that Hulusi Akar, accompanied by the chief of the General staff of the armed forces of the country, army General Yashar Guler and commanders of the armed forces inspected on Saturday the military units located on the border with Syria. As can be seen from the reports, their main task was “to open a Joint center for the management of the planned operation in the areas of Syria to the East of the Euphrates river.”
Thus, the Kurdish-Turkish large-scale war in Syria may begin very soon. It is not necessary for Damascus or Tehran and Moscow. However, this can be interested for the United States, who are acting against them and intend to continue to destabilize the situation in Syria.
“Official Damascus is categorically against Turkey’s occupation of Syrian territories. And, apparently, preparing for the next meeting in Moscow with Erdogan, which, according to the Kremlin, will take place on April 8, Russian President Vladimir Putin will take this aspect into account in an interview with his Turkish counterpart. Especially as they, probably, should discuss together a question of how to resist a position of the USA in the region”, – the military expert Colonel Shamil Gareev notes.
In the territories not controlled by Damascus, including the zone of Turkish occupation, the rights of the Arab population are infringed by the Turks, physical cleansing is carried out against the Kurds. Today, the Kurdish issue is one of the most difficult for all internal and external participants in the Syrian crisis. Syrian democratic forces still control large areas, but they have a huge number of enemies who are not ready to accept their independence. The declared US withdrawal from Syria leaves the Kurds alone with the main enemy – Turkey.
In this situation, the only possible solution to the Kurdish issue is the transition of the Kurdish-controlled territories of Syria under the control of the Syrian government. Given that the leaders of the Kurds since the end of last year are looking for protection from Russia and the Assad government, this step will forever protect them from the threat of Turkish invasion.

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