Russia and Syria called on the US to participate in the meeting on «Al-Rukban»

US President Donald Trump in early January promised to withdraw the US military from Syria. Three months have passed, but no progress has been made in this case.
One of the problems of the presence of the military contingent of the States in the SAR is that 40,000 refugees cannot return home from the camp «Al-Rukban». It is located on the territory controlled by the United States, and the Americans, though indirectly, but do not give a way for people.
Mikhail Mezentsev the head of the interagency coordinating staff for the return of refugees to the territory of Syria and his colleague from Damascus Hussein Makhluf urged the United States to participate in the negotiations. The situation with the refugees in the camp «Al-Rukban» today is simply catastrophic. People lack food and water, diseases spread, many of them die, especially among children. Russia and Syria understand that it is urgent to do something.
However, the American side did not come to the talks on April 2, which were scheduled near the checkpoint «Jleb». The United States proposes to hold a coordination meeting in Amman. Russia and Syria call on the States to take part in the talks on the reserve day – April 9. It is necessary to work out joint steps to eliminate the camp «Al-Rukban». Despite the difficult situation, the US is in no hurry to resolve this issue. Apparently, Washington benefits from having 40 thousand, in fact, hostages.

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