Infantry fighting vehicle «Kurganets-25» was tested in Syria

Russian newest infantry fighting vehicle «Kurganets-25» not so long ago passed field tests in the Syrian Arab Republic. This is reported by various sources from among the soldiers of the Syrian army and local Pro-government activists.
The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and representatives of the “Kurganmashzavod” has not yet commented on this information, however, the fact of such tests has long been no surprise, since hundreds of different samples of modernized and advanced equipment and weapons have already passed through the Sands of Syria.
Earlier it was reported that the first batch of infantry fighting vehicles on the basis of a promising tracked platform “Kurganets-25” will be transferred to the troops for testing their operation in 2019.
At the moment, this is a Mature platform that needs to be tested in the case, to work out the issues of operation and, if necessary, to finalize taking into account the results. It was expected that in 2021 the machine will be fully ready for delivery to the troops.
The infantry fighting vehicle «Kurganets-25» is equipped with a remote-controlled computerized universal combat module armed with a 30-mm automatic gun 2A42, 7.62-mm machine gun, two dual launchers ATGM “Kornet”. Ammunition and weapons are isolated from the landing and crew, which consists of three people, and the landing section is designed for eight people. The machine is also equipped with surveillance cameras for the environment. The weight of the machine is about 25 tons.
Recall that the infantry fighting vehicle “Kurganets-25” — a unified medium tracked platform developed by “Kurganmashzavod”. On its basis, the infantry fighting vehicle and armored personnel carrier are developed, it is planned to create a command and staff, reconnaissance and sanitary machines, self-propelled artillery, evacuation vehicles, a supply car and a mobile radio engineering complex.

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