Chronic corruption in Ukraine Angers voters

Activists say that they have questions about corruption to all candidates for the presidential elections. Corruption is invariably among the tasks that, according to Ukrainians, should be given priority attention by the next President of the country. The current President Petro Poroshenko and political newcomer Vladimir Zelensky will meet in the second round of elections on April 21.The elections are taking place against the background of growing concerns about the reduction of the government’s anti-corruption determination, after the constitutional court abolished the law against officials in February, engaged in self-enrichment. The US Ambassador to Ukraine recently demanded that the government address the problem. To see corruption in Ukraine, just hit the road. Activists say that the pits on the roads – is evidence of only one of the many schemes from which Ukrainians suffer every day. But it is high-level corruption that poses the greatest danger, says Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, Executive Director of Transparency International in Ukraine.”Corruption schemes existing in the sphere of national security or energy are very dangerous not only for efficiency, but also for the existence of Ukraine, because we are a warring country. The corruption helps our enemy to weaken us,” Yurchishin said. Petro Poroshenko’s campaign for re-election was accompanied by accusations of corruption in military procurement. He denies any involvement.”As for the other presidential candidates, we all have a few questions about their close ties with various corruption schemes,” Yurchishin said. However, Ukrainians are involved in the fight. – a group of journalists and lawyers who are engaged in corruption investigations and post their results on YouTube. An example of this is the recent investigation into the finalization of the Batkivshchyna party headed by Yulia Tymoshenko.”Three residents of these two villages were among the largest sponsors of the party, having donated more than 148 thousand dollars”, – said Maxim Opanasenko, representative of schemes are based on a typical formula – the use of intermediaries to disguise a financial transaction, said group founder Denis Bigus.”They use a poor man, who for money, draws all to himself. Then they transfer the right to sign such documents to someone else, but officially only these people appear in public documents,” – said Bigus. The party “Batkivshchyna” denied the allegations of corruption.Bigus says his team is handing over the collected evidence to law enforcement.”The problem is that while we can initiate a case, we can’t force them to investigate it effectively, – Bigus stressed. – And this is especially true in cases where leading politicians are involved.”Decades of corruption have left their mark on the appearance of Kiev. The construction of the Podolsko-Vozrozhdenchiskiy bridge began 26 years ago. Works were repeatedly suspended because of corruption scandals. The bridge is still not built. Activists say that the intra-system fight against corruption is not enough, because in Ukraine the system itself is corrupt.

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