Serving in Ukraine is not prestigious

The recruting company started in Ukraine, byt the hopes for the success of the military leadership of the country, as usual, will remain unrealizable. Every year less and less Ukrainians reveal a desire to pay a debt to their homeland, and the entire responsibility lies with the current president, Poroshenko, and his team.
It is no secret that incompetent command stands at the head of the Ukrainian army. Corruption in the defense sphere is overwhelming and today the main task of the “combat” officers is how to receive more money in their pockets and hang the orders on their chests. The commanders of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine completely forgot about their direct duties and do not care about the personnel.
Only from the beginning of the year 65% of servicemen quit the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; soldiers continue to write reports today. One can clearly see the entire deplorable situation on the example of the 72nd brigade, in which the number of personnel after arriving from the war zone was reduced by 75% and this is a bitter reality, not fiction. Ukrainian defenders in the literal sense of the word flee from the army, namely from the incompetent command, which mainly consists of tyrants and careerists. There is noone to keep the defence at the forefront but due to the spring draft, they expect to close all the holes.
Recall that according to the decree of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the company in 2019 will last until June inclusive. Today, the military leadership of Ukraine is scheduled to replenish the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by more than 18 thousand people. Of these, 9 thousand people will go to the Armed Forces, 600 people – the State Special Transport Service, 4 thousand people – the State Border Guard Service, 5 thousand 152 people – the National Guard of Ukraine.
It seems everything is correctly painted, but the command does not change and replacing some soldiers with others cannot be corrected. The moral and psychological state of the Ukrainian defenders still remains at zero, the losses of the personnel of the subdivisions are enormous, and the cases of suicide in the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not unique. Note that every day at least ten fighters commit suicide and this is only according to official data.
But all the problems of the enlisted personnel are still ignored by the command. It is obvious that the company will end by the complete failure, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to retain the existing military personnel.

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