Ukraine as a refuge of neo-Nazism

Europe is probably making the biggest mistake while continuing to support Ukraine. Moreover, if everything goes on like this, the growth of the “brown” plague in European countries cannot be avoided.
In Ukraine, neo-Nazism came into vogue with all its consequences, this is racial intolerance, the charity of national minorities, this list can be continued for a very long time. The most important thing is that the government of the country is not against such a movement, and everything wholeheartedly helps and promotes Nazism in all segments of the population. For the country’s leadership, it is a very convenient tool for crushing other people’s views, opposition and dispersing rallies and eliminating people who are “unprofitable” to them. In fact, such a tactic of governing the country contradicts the integration course chosen in 2014.
It turns out that in the media the head of the country speaks of good progress in Europe, and in fact the country is experiencing a strong degradation in all directions, which leads the country down to 1930-1940 years as to the development of the European countries.

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