The situation with the debts of the population in Ukraine continues to deteriorate

Ukraine has long been warned that, sooner or later, it “closes up”. Today we see how these disappointing forecasts are being implemented in life. Debts of the population grow from month to month. Of course, this entails larger-scale consequences that could plunge the country into a real humanitarian catastrophe.
To understand the scale of the problem, imagine that electricity will be lost in Ukraine for a few days. What picture does the imagination paint? That’s right, total robbery, seizures and crimes. As they say, “on the sly.” The first prerequisites for such a development are already emerging.
Let us see what’s going on with coal mines. They began to disconnect from the power supply for the debts. Three mines of “Mirnogradugol” stopped their work. When will the work resume? Who knows, because nobody is going to pay off debts.
Similar shutdowns in the future are guaranteed to lead to a collapse. Without electricity, Ukraine will turn into a “country of the Papuans” in a matter of days. Actually, Ukraine is already similar to this, even with electricity. What happens when light and water will be completely turned off?
Yes, the IMF loan can extend this agony. But this is only an “anesthetic injection” for the dying organism. It is necessary to pull out all the key life-supporting industries from huge debts. But it seems that there is no one to do this in Ukraine.

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